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Congratulations to the Angels on winning the Minor B Championships. The Angels took first in the division with a 15-4-1 record and went on to win the championship on Friday June 10th. Congratulations as well to the Athletics who made it to the championship game! The City Championship between Poway American and Poway National will take place on Tuesday June 14th at 5 PM at the Poway American fields.


Congratulations to the Majors Royals team on winning the Championship. The Royals took first in the division with a 17-3 record and went on to win the championship on Thursday June 9th. Congratulations as well to the Angels who made it to the championship game! The City Championship between Poway American and Poway National will take place on Tuesday June 14th.


It’s hard to believe the 2016 Little League spring season is coming to an end! Come out this Saturday, June 11th to Field #1 at 12:00pm to celebrate another successful Poway American Little League season!

In the chance that there is an “if” playoff game on Saturday at 10am things may get started a little late, but you will be able to enjoy some of the action while you wait. See you there!

• Teams Organize in Outfield (11:45am)
• Teams Parade to Field (12:00pm)
• Team Awards Ceremony
• Cameron McAfee Sportsmanship Award Presentations
• Volunteer & Sponsorship Recognition


San Diego Padres – Little League Day Pre-game Warning Track Parade
Sunday, April 24

Attention San Diego Padres Little League Day Participants (Those who purchased a ticket for the game):

Here is all of the information for the Padres Little League Pre-Game Parade on Sunday, April 24th. Stay tuned for ticket pick-up — most likely Saturday, April 23 at PALL Snack Shack!!

Who Can Participate: Only Little League players and coaches will be able to participate in the parade. Those not eligible who try to participate will be asked to watch the parade from the seating bowl. Each team will be allowed two coaches. Coaches will be responsible for their team throughout the parade and until their teams are in their seats or paired back up with their parents. Due to the large number of attendees expected, we cannot include parents (other than coaches) in the parade.

Parade Starting Location: 7th Avenue between K Street and L Street. Participants will be staged outside the Western Metal Building and Padres representatives will be on hand for directions. Participants will stage on 7th Avenue southbound towards Tony Gwynn Drive. Please follow all traffic directions and cross the streets in designated crosswalks – 7th Avenue remains an active thoroughfare for vehicular traffic.

Parade Start Time: 12:05 p.m. – Teams and coaches can start lining up beginning at 11:00 a.m. Participants must be in line no later than 11:45 a.m. in order to participate in the parade.

What To Wear: All participants (including coaches) should attend the parade dressed in their uniform and tennis shoes. (No cleats will be allowed on the warning track.)

League/Team Banners: Team and/or League banners can be presented during the parade. Poles to hold up the banner will not be allowed.

Parade Route: The parade will start through the Western Metal Building breezeway entering the playing field at the Left Field foul pole. The parade will make its way down the Left Field Line, around home plate, up the Right Field line, exiting the playing field at the Right field foul pole. Participants will proceed up the East Ramp of Petco Park and exit the building through the Park Boulevard Gates at the near the corner of 10th Avenue and Park Boulevard. Participants must remain on the warning track at all times and will not be allowed onto the grass.
In order to get the large number of participants through the parade route in a timely manner, the Padres ask that coaches keep their team moving at all times. No pictures will be allowed to be taken during the parade.

Please Note: Each parade participant should be in possession of their game ticket. Although tickets will not be scanned prior to taking part in the parade, they will be required to have a game ticket to participate. The parade will end outside the gates of Petco Park (Park Boulevard Gate). Once outside, the participants may enter any gate with a non-scanned ticket. Coaches should be prepared to stay with their team and escort them to their seats or back to their parents after the

Make-Up Picture Day: April 23

Posted by Poway American Little League at Apr 4, 2016 10:39PM PDT

The make-up picture day for Poway American Little League is scheduled for Saturday, April 23 from 8 a.m. -9 a.m. behind Field 4.