2015 League Scrimmages / Media Days

Posted by robert hopkins on Aug 09 2007 at 05:00PM PDT

League Scrimmage Games will kickoff the 2015 Little Pro Season on the weekend of September 05-06, 2015, with all league teams converging on Warrior Stadium in Norwalk and Valley Stadium in WDM to kickoff the new season.

Facility Usage:   All scheduled Scrimmage Games on Saturday, 05 September 2015 (Junior and 5th Grade Divisions), will be held at Warrior Stadium. All scheduled Scrimmage Games on Sunday, 06 September 2015 (6th Grade Division) will be held at Valley Stadium. Access to Valley Stadium will be restricted to the NORTHEAST GATE. Access to Warrior Stadium will be restricted to the NORTHWEST GATE.


The League is authorized to utilize only the east bleacher area of the Stadiums. ONLY coaching staffs and participants are allowed on the field or in the field houses. No warm-ups will be allowed on the field or surrounding commons area during scrimmages. Warm-ups will be conducted outside the exterior perimeter fences for both Stadiums. Teams should be fully assembled and report to their scrimmage block ten minutes prior to the designated start time. Teams that report late will have their 20 minute time allotment shortened to ensure that the schedule is maintained without delays.

Scrimmage Games: Three (3) scrimmage games will be played on the field for most time frames, with the 30-yard lines serving as dividers and the back end zone lines as field boundaries. This will in effect divide the 120 yard field (end zones included) into three forty yard blocks. The three blocks are identified as South (S), Middle (M) and North (N). A twenty (20) minute continuous clock will be utilized, with a ten (10) minute break between time frames. Each team will play two (2) 20 minute halves, with most being played back to back against different opponents. Head Coaches will decide the format for play prior to each session. No officials or chain crews will be present. Standard League Rules apply. 

Team Photographs: Team and individual photographs will be taken at both locations. Photographs will be taken in the south end of Valley Stadium and the east bleacher section for Warrior Stadium . Coaching staffs and participants are asked to be present at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the designated shoot time. Head Coaches will provide parents with Ordering Information prior to Scrimmages. 


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