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March 2006

Posted by Brian Muschko at May 1, 2006 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
March 2006 John Emmons, Steve Guttman, Steve Kerbacher, Brian Muschko, Ed Filipovits, John McAndrew, Ken Galusha, Ted Foster, Jeff Gober, Rich Clancy, Dean Lakatosh, Scott Golomb, Mike Gehringer, Curt Bauer, J Cenchitz, Gary Henry, Tim Heimbach, Renee Heimbach, Joe Sentiwany, Wally Azar, Steve Wildman, John Marinelli, Joe Danner, Trevor Hackman, Ty Call To Order President Emmons Previous Minutes Read Accepted Treasurers Report Read Accepted Old Business: LCYA was voted in to Lehigh Valley Little Baseball League Ambulance thank you was sent out for first aid kits Lehigh Valley Girls All Stars June 17 – 12’s – 8:00 June 18 – 10’s – 8:00 Fencing work begins Monday March 13th New Business: Basketball: 5&6 girls won Lehigh Valley Jr Cadets won Girls inhouse done Sunday Softball: Lehigh Valley League – John O’Connell resigns. Work detail set for Sat the 18th at 8:00 a.m. Opening Day May 6th Opening Day Meeting – April 6, 7:30 Lehigh Valley League fees due Steve Nemeth needs Kidney, donate to transplant fund. Baseball: Danner submitted budget for T-ball and Biddy in House. Curt Bauer will be travel Biddy Coach Connie Mack needs extra bases. General: Lime Delivered. Current total sign up 425. Boys 250, Girls 175 Final sign up with late fee March 18th Pany to Repair fields 1&2 Infield Mix purchased. May 6th High School Varsity game, 10 year reunion for State Champs. Football: 85, 100, 120 ages moved back to January. Suggested to get the football coaches together on the new By Law changes. Emmons to contact Spanky. Permission to get signs from Whitehall Twsp. Motion to Adjourn
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February 2006

Posted by Brian Muschko at Feb 23, 2006 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
FEBRUARY 2006 J. Emmons, S. Guttman, S. Kerbacher, B. Muschko, R. Spangler, J. Sentiwany, T. Foster, L. Scherr, J. Gober, B. Milisits, S. Golomb, K. Galusha, J. McAndrew, T. Brosky, R. Marcks, C. Knauss, M. Bodnar, T. Hackman, T. Heimbach, R. Heimbach, G. Henry, S. Wildman, D. Lakatosh Call To Order President Emmons Previous Minutes Read Accepted Treasurers Report Read Accepted Old Business: First Aid Kits for Basketball filled and delivered. Basketball Officials paid in full. Basketball Tournament: six teams signed up New Business: Basketball: none Softball: Outfield signs, measurements Backstop signs field #2 Baseball: Traveling budget turned in Biddy Midget Kneehi West End voted into league LCYA was not voted in Joe Sentiwany voted in Commissioner over Traveling Teams (Biddy, Midget, Knee Hi, Central Whitehall) Central Whitehall – Bud Washok Resigns, Scott Golomb New Head Coach. Looking for Biddy Travel Coach Cheerleading: Sign Up Dates will be – April 18, 20, 25. As of April 26 $25.00 late fee applies. Sign ups to be held at Rec Center. Football: none Field Hockey: none Wrestling: none Insurance bill presented for Van Committees being formed: Fundraisers – Ledra Scheer to head Uniforms – Renee Heimbach to head. Will keep track of the number of uniforms, make sure they are clean, check for tears and quality. Received payment from Pepsi as per contract. Softball All Star game for LVL 12& Under to be played here, last years dates June 20&21. Softball Parkland League 10, 12, 14, & 18 and Under teams would like to play their championship games on NAA fields June 24th. Quotes for fencing on fields 1,2,and 3 were received. Winning bid went to ABE Fence. Work to be scheduled before season begins. It was asked for an opening on field #4 along Al Erdosy street for entrance to batting cages. Quote was accepted for shed to be built next to the dugout on field #1 first base side. To house field equipment. Baseball/Softball sign ups went well during first weekend. Numbers look good. Adjourn
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January 2006

Posted by Brian Muschko at Jan 20, 2006 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
January, 11, 2006 Attendance: Emmons, J, Guttman, S, Kerbacher, S, Muschko, B, Spangler, R, McAndrew, J, Galusha, K, Milisits, B, Knauss, C, Scherr, L, Heimbach, T, Derr, J, Garger, R, Gehringer, M, Marinelli, J, Cenchitz, J, Hackman, T, Henry, G, Wildman, S, Marcks, R, Sentiwany, J, Azar, W, Lakatosh, D, Britton, R Call To Order: President Emmons Previous Minutes read. Accepted Treasurers Report Read. Accepted Old Business: Football – estimate for tent repair is $0.00 Raising registration fee - $5.00 increase, accepted First aid kits – ice packs – Rick Spangler has them, we need eight bags. Basketball Tournament – Officials through Nemeth Proceeds for the NAA New Business: Basketball: Pictures are February 4th at the Recreation Center Softball: Work Detail March 11th, 8:00 a.m. Baseball: Connie Mack – Mineral Tech in Easton donating 2 pallets of lime Equipment budget and umpire fees accepted Cheerleading: none Wrestling: none Football: interview for head coaches for 85’s and 95’s 85 Head Coach – Mike Gehringer 95 Head Coach – Trevor Hackman Approved Purchase containers for uniform storage. Ken Galusha asked about using old helmets to make lights to sell. Web Site Changes: Home site information Every sport has its own webpage within the NAA site. We are looking for information from commissioners, i.e. schedules, coaches, etc. No registration form will be on the web. Only the one given out at signups will be accepted. There will be only one form that is the same for all sports. Late fee will be imposed as of Feb 18th of $25.00. Every sport will have a cut off date for registrations. Coaches Disclosure form: What is required? Social Security number? Drivers License is required Info Tel: Whatever is set up already stays, in June the entire system is being closed down. Budget lists needed in writing for each sport. There must be two bids. Motion to Adjourn Accepted
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December 2005

Posted by Brian Muschko at Jan 8, 2006 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
December 2005 December 14, 2005 Attendance: Muschko, B, Guttman, S, Kerbacher, S., Sentiwany, J., Emmons, J., Spangler, R., Henry, G., Scherr, L., Foster, T., Galusha, K., McAndrew, J., Filipovits, E., Garger, R., Hackman, T., Gaetaniello, M., Heimbach, T., Azar, W., Milisits, B., Marcks, R., Knauss, C., Derr, J., Schneider, T., Lakatosh, D., Wildman, S., Shuey, D. Call To Order: President Muschko Previous Minutes Read Accepted Treaurers Report Read Accepted Old Business: Football- 85lb. coach until January Age Change and City Limits passed by-Laws New Business: Baseball Connie Mack Budget Must all games be played at Canal St or Wolf field Connie Mack Signups will be during regular signups Travelling Midget Coach will be Dean Lakatosh Cheerleading Repay Ledra Scherr for supplies Wrestling None Basketball Check into medical kits for the travelling teams Tournament at Rec Center the end of February Have stand open for NAA Games at Rec Center Donation Jars at doors Football Fertilized NAA field #4 Hold off on Canal St – boro looking at Softball Budget handed in and accepted Signups softball and baseball Feb 3,4,17,18 at Rec. Center Other Letter from Joe Yurish – Broken window from float in Halloween parade, bill paid by NAA, Yurish gave donation to NAA Should registration fees be raised? Election of Officers: President – John Emmons Vice President – Steve Guttman Treasurer – Steve Kerbacher Recording Secretary – Brian Muschko Corresponding Secretary – Rick Spangler Motion to Adjourn Accepted
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November 2005

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 November 9, 2005 Attendance:  Muschko B, Gutman S, Sentiwany J, Henry G, George K,, Derr J, Spangler R, Gehringer M, McAndrew, Hackman T, Murphy J, Marcks R, Foster T, Helm D, Heimbach T, Gaetienello M, Sheptock J, Wildman S, Knauss C, Shuey D Call to Order: President Muschko Previous Minutes Accepted  Men’s Treasury Report  None  Old Business • Football – Field is in bad shape, work group, • Football – Flag tourney went well, • Basketball – 7th and 8th grade coach Rob Marcks • Basketball – 3rd and 4th grade team new coach if we have a team Joe Murphy  New Business  General • Tent used during football games, looking to help pay for repairs  Football • Congrats to 95 pound and flag teams • Interview process to replace coaches • Duke Helm resigns 95 pound coach • Dave Hubbard resigns as 80 pound coach • Possible age change  Baseball / Softball • LVL age change • Legion will be able to play on varsity field • Sentiwany resigns as Midget coach • City teams into the lvl league passed first reading of the by laws •  Wrestling • Referee fees  Basketball • Ed Tierney has resigned as Junior cadet traveling coach • Kevin George (coach K) to replace Tierney • Budget • 218 registered for basketball •  Cheering  All motions voted on accepted and passed  Motion to adjourn Motion carries