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November 2007

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J.Emmons, S. Guttman, J. McAndrew, K. Galusha, E. Flipavits, R. Spangler, M.Lubert, K. George, M. Gehringer, G. Kutos, S. Wildman, M. Bodnar, J. Sentiway,R. Heimbach, J. Gober, J. Cenchitz, J. Derr, B. Milisists, T.Heimbach

Meeting called to order by President Emmons

Previous minutes read and accepted by Gehringer & Bodnar.

Treasures Report: Accepted by Milisits & Wildman

Old Business:

  • Look into outside water spigot over winter months
  • Get topsoil in spring
  • Received bid from Milisits for fertilizing fields.  Look into someone from within organization to use our equipment to spread it if we purchase fertilizer    Motion –Gober & Spangler accepted

New Business


  • Motion for 2007 budget including Ref/League/ Equipment
  • Evaluations start on 19th Monday
  • Practice to start after Thanksgiving
  • If coaches cannot make their assigned practice at Rec. Center, they must call to tell them to open the court.
  • Still need 9 in-house coaches
    • 3-4 Boys – 4 teams
    • 5-8 Boys – 3 teams
    • 3-4 Girls – 3-4 teams
    • 5-8 Girls – 3 teams


  • Bill Milisits collecting equipment
  • LVL Travel meeting start in February
  • Fallball
    • 12U Season ended, playoffs rained out
    • 14U Season ended, playoffs rained out
    • 16U Season ended – Won league playoffs


  • Need letter drafted for Field 1 light usage for Travel Midget &  Biddy teams
  • Joe Sentiway resigns as travel commis.  Thank you for all your time & h elp

Cheering – Nothing

Field Hockey  - Nothing


  • Sign ups over – 75 kids total
  • Season start in 2 weeks
  • Will be in new room at high school
  • Motion for new budget – Lubert & Heimbach passed


  • Season went well
  • 115 Div. champions
  • 90 Div. champions
  • As per Jeff Gober – SYFL wants to look into restructuring league. Vote from floor yes-5 No- 10.  Rep Gober to take NAA answer back
  • Motion for medals for 115 &90 Div. Champs (Wildman & McAndrew- passed)
  • Flags finished year as JV 10-0  & Var 13-0
  • Motion for tournament costs (Cenchits & Bodnar – passed)


  • Move Dec. meeting from Dec. 12th to Dec. 11th same time 8 pm.
  • Motion for travel boys Basketball Tournament (Kutos & Sentiway – passed)
  • Motion for Jeff Gober to work in garage and raise roof to add extra storage above stands. (Derr & Milisits – passed)

Motion to adjourn made and accepted.

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March 2007

Posted by Michele Emmons at May 8, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
March 2007 John Emmons, Steve Guttman, Rick Spangler, Mike Luberti, Mike Bodnar, Renee Heimbach, Jeff Gober, Jeff Dougherty, Ken Galusha, Mike Gehringer, John Marinelli, Kevin George, Bill Milisits, Gary Kutos, Frank Zangari, Jim Derr, Steve Wildman, Joe Cenchitz, Robert Britton, Joe McShane, Joe Sentiwany, Ted Foster Call to Order by President Emmons Previous minutes read and accepted. No treasurers report Old Business: Football Circle rep not scheduled yet. The new East Allen Township Organization had asked to come in and play in our in house league. Our response was no because the NAA did not want to get in between any dispute between them and the existing Bath organization, who we support with their travel teams. There are two candidates for Midget Travel Coach, Jeff Dougherty and Scott Barber. Vote 7-6 Scott Barber is new coach. New Business: Basketball: LVL Boys Nazareth applied to league. Motion given to accept bill for In house trophies in the amount of 650.55. Voted, and approved. It was discussed that there needs to be more coach and parent participation in basketball. Also the possibility of starting the season earlier next year. The 5-8 grade girls In House had teams leave the league just before playoffs. A meeting should be set up with these teams to discuss what happened. The 3&4 grade boys traveling league needs to have set rules. Next year the Lehigh Valley League Boys Travel is changing to include 3&4 grade boys and adjusting their brackets. An idea was brought up that there should be a coaches clinic for basketball to show the coaches how to teach the players at their respective levels. Softball: Girls sign ups are at approx. 205. There is a need for people to work the fields. League fees of $140 were requested for 18 & Under team. Motion made, and approved. The contract for the umpires would be $38.00 for each home game. Approx total of $368.00 for season. The pitching machine needs a new tire, take to Pany. Baseball: Connie Mack uniforms tabled for a later date. Opening Day Committee: Kerbacher, R Heimbach, Danner, Milisits, Emmons, Foster. Meeting 3/28 at 7:30 p.m. Cheering – Field Hockey – Wrestling: The High School needs a new wrestling mat. They are requesting the NAA pay for half the cost of $4500. Motion was made, accepted. The Wrestling Club will pay for the other half of the cost. Football: The SYFL League vote outcome was that the divisions for next season will be Flags, 90’s, 110’s, 115’s. Ages will stay the same. There was a questions brought as to whether or not there could be a booster club for football. It was stated that there cannot be a NAA booster club, but that parents outside of NAA could choose to have a club. The example that wrestling does fundraising through the school was brought up. They have their own fund raising committee. Motion to Adjourn. Accepted.
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Feb 2007

Posted by Michele Emmons at May 8, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
February 2007 John Emmons, Steve Guttman, Rick Garger, Mike Bodnar, Michael Gehringer, Joe Sentiwany, Jeff Gober, Ted Foster, Renee Heimbach, Joe Cenchitz, Glen Benes, Gary Kutos, Kevin George, Robert Britton, John McAndrew, Steve Kerbacher, Rob Marcks, Jim Derr, Ray Lee, Michael Luberti, Rick Spangler, Steve Wildman Call to Order by President Emmons Previous minutes read and accepted Treasurers report read and accepted Old Business: Midget travel coach position has two candidates. These will be voted on at the next meeting. Accepted Basketball pictures went well. New Business: Softball: All LVL Girls travel team coaches from 2006 resign. Mothion for new head coaches 18U – Jeff Gober 14U – Bill Milisits 12U – Jeff Morey 10U – Frank Zangari Accepted. Additional sign up date March 10, 9-11. Work detail March 10 beginning at 8 am. Current sign ups are softball 173, baseball 245. Basketball: LVL Boys wrapping up. Playoffs start March 5-6-7. No courts available for home games. 3&4 grade girls – Is Hokey in playoffs? Next year end in house playoffs 3rd week in Feb. Find out why boys LVL is not playing home games. Discussion about double rostering with boys 5-8 grade division. Baseball: East Side Youth Center back in league. Budget for travel teams requested and approved. Connie Mack and Legion budget brought up. Tabled for this month to be discussed next month. Nazareth applied to league, for a total of 23 teams. Cheering: Field Hockey: Budget requested and approved. Wrestling: League dues needed at March Meeting. Approved Season ended with NAA 8th in League. Football: Rick Spangler resigned as league rep. Jeff Gober new league rep. Circle Rep still needs to set up date. Football clinic Parkland March 31 and April 14 at Lehigh. Head coached only meeting on Feb 26th 7 p.m. with Glen Benes to discuss league changes. New Business: Bath East Allen may approach NAA about Little League Baseball. Meeting Adjourned
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April 2007

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MONTHLY MINUTES FROM NAA DATED 4/11/07 John Emmons, Steve Kerbacher, Steve Guttman, Trevor Hackman, Rick Spangelr, Joe Sentiwany, Gary Kutos, Billy Milisits, Jeff Morey, Dwayne Sterner, Ledra Scherr, Ted Foster, Mike Bodnar, Ken Galusha, Joe Cenchitz, Glen Benes, Jeff Gober, Renee Heimbach, Kevin George, Steve Wildman, Jeff Dougherty, Tim Heimbach, Brian Muschko, Ray Lee. A. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER BY PRESIDENT EMMONS. 1. Minutes from March read. Motion to accept made by HEIMBACH/GOBER. Passed. 2. Treasurers report read by KERBACHER. Motion to accept by GEORGE/SPANGLER. Motion accepted. B. OLD BUSINESS: 1. BASKETBALL: None. 2. SOFTBALL: Tired ordered for pitching machine. Bill and Jeff received check 3. WRESTLING: Mat for wrestling room and tournaments needed. NAA will pay a portion of mat. Motion to accept old business FOSTER/CENCHITZ. Motion accepted. C. NEW BUSINESS: 1. SOFTBALL: Lehigh Valley League FEES requested. Not including playoffs. Total Budget for softball for 2007. ( ump fees 14 and under 2 umps a game. 10 and under a game. Suburban league 7 home games Ump fees.) Motion to accept WILDMAN/SENTIWANY. Motion accepted. 2. BASEBALL: Requested tournament fees. Schedules will be final on Friday 4/13/07. Uniforms will be handed out on Sunday 4/15/07. Northampton Legion League Fees Everything is included. ( Legion and Connie Mack uniforms tabled until fall. Uniforms should be discounted at that time.) Motion to accept FOSTER/MILISITS. Motion passed. 3. CHEERING: Sign-up dates stay same. 4. FIELD HOCKEY: Nothing. 5. FOOTBALL: 84 helmets sent to Circle Systems for reconditioning. Suburban football league fees requested for 2007 season. BY-LAW changes for league, weights increased 85lbs will be 90lbs, 95lbs will 100lbs., 110lbs will be 115lbs and 135lbs will be 140lbs. MOTION to accept by SPANGLER/CENCHITZ. Motion passed. 6. Opening day meeting 5/1/07 at 1930 hrs. Opening day set for 5/5/07 kids arrive at 0745 hrs. set up on field #1 at 0815 hrs. All coaches/commissioners need to attend opening day. 7. 17th ST is now a two-way street during construction at high school and Wolf building. Trying to get yeild to pedestrian signs. Wolf Field is off limits!. Pictures for Baseball/Softball will be held on Saturday 5/12/07. 8. Kevin GEORGE Lottery found raiser match daily # for June and July the 1900 hrs. drawing. Tickets handed out. 9. Bangor junior cadet Borough will take care of it. MOTION to adjourn meeting MUSCHKO/FOSTER. MOTION ACCEPTED.
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NAA Code of Conduct

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Northampton Athletic Association Code of Conduct This code of conduct is designed to provide a fun and safe environment for all who are involved in the Northampton Athletic Association. We are here to provide the youth in Northampton with the opportunity to participate in and learn about sports, and prepare them for future competition at all levels and areas of life. We as parents, athletes, volunteers, and coaches, agree to abide by the rules and consequences set forth in the below mentioned sections. 1. All members (parents, athletes, coaches, volunteers, and guests) of the Northampton Athletic Association (NAA) WILL show respect for all athletes, coaches, and NAA officials. We WILL show appreciation of a good play by other teams and its members, as well as our own. The coaches and parents WILL be positive role models and not behave in an unsportsmanlike manner. 2. Any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of the athlete or others participating will be reported to the coach or proper NAA authorities. 3. All persons will agree to learn and abide by the rules of their particular sport. 4. Observing practice and games is a privilege and unsportsmanlike conduct such as (but not limited to): taunting, booing, profane language, hostility or violence, or interfering with the coaches and officials will not be tolerated. Any conduct which is disrespectful or in general disrupts the flow of the game or practice is unacceptable. 5. No one other than officials, coaches, and players is permitted on a field or court of play during practices and games. A violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action from the NAA board including, but not limited to, suspension of the right to attend NAA sponsored activities. 6. Engaging in behaviors or practices that would endanger the health and well-being of anyone associated with the NAA will not be permitted. 7. Conflict or concerns will be resolved without resorting to hostility or physical violence. 8. We will demand a sports environment that is free of drugs and alcohol and I will refrain from their use while attending NAA functions. 9. Vandalism and defacing of property of the NAA or at an opposing organizations site will not be tolerated. The NAA reserves the right to contact the local authorities and obtain restitution for the act. Punishment may also result in suspension of privileges at the NAA. 10. Parents or legal guardians will pick up and deliver the athletes on time to all practices, games or other activities. 11. We will respect the officials and coaches, and their authority during games and will never question, discuss, or confront them at the game field, but rather will take time to speak with them at an agreed upon time and place IN PRIVATE after the game, practice, or activity is completed 12. We encourage a smoke free environment. I/We agree that if I/We fail to abide by the above listed code and guidelines; I/We will be subject to disciplinary action. This action may include, but is not limited to the following: a. Verbal warning by official, head coach, and/or head of league organization b. Written warning c. Game suspension of the actor(s). d. Forfeiture of the game. e. Season suspension of the actor(s). Any disciplinary action that is taken, the actor(s) has the right for appeal with the board of the NAA. The decision is strictly confidential and all records regarding this act will be kept on file at the organization. This code is established and is to be followed while on the grounds or the NAA, at an NAA function, or at another organizations site. The above mentioned code is a generalized list of rules that the NAA abides by. The complete list of “Rules of Conduct” may be obtained from any board member or from the website at 1/2007