2021 BYFA Board Nominations

Posted by Buckeye Youth Football Association (Medina, OH) on Nov 09 2020 at 09:36AM PST in 2021 Spring Season

CHANGE IN VENUE for 5:30pm December 13th Meeting

Please note that the meeting will take place at the Litchfield Town Hall Annex which is located right next to the Town Hall (closer to the gas station.) No other changes to the date or time. See you then!

Nominations were made at the November 8th monthly meeting for the 2021 BYFA board, and are as follows:

President: Eric Keller
Vice President: Travis Perkins
Treasurer: Matt Wilhelm
Secretary: Vacant
Cheer Director: Stacey Weckesser

Please note all nominations are unopposed, and the Secretary position is currently open. We will be accepting nominations via email to one of the below up until the day before the next meeting where voting will take place which will be December 13th, 5:30pm at the Litchfield Town Hall Annex. If you have interest in any of these positions, please email either: OR OR

Send a private message via Facebook messenger through the Buckeye Youth Football page.

Thank you!