FCYSL Mercy Rule

Posted by Timothy Kellenaers on Aug 22 2009 at 05:00PM PDT

In an effort to maintain a positive and meaningful experience for the youth of our league, the FCYSL Board of Directors has established a "Mercy Rule", to be effective with the beginning of the Fall 2009 Season.

This rule shall be effective for U09 and above age groups, and does not apply to the U05 through U08 age groups, where no goalie is used.

The intent of this rule is to encourage coaches of teams that are dominating the game to use the opportunity to create a more valuable learning experience for their players. A coach that can get his players to pull back on scoring by creative methods, such as: 1-touch, pass backs, requiring header goals only; will find that these techniques will not only allow the game to play out to the end of the allotted time, but it will also help to improve the skill levels of their players.

For complete rule details, please see the handout: FCYSL Mercy Rule-rev082009.pdf, available in the handouts section, or by clicking the link on this article.


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