Wood Bat Information

Posted by South Kingstown Little League on Oct 19 2017 at 05:00PM PDT in 2019 Spring Season

For the 2020 season, the majors baseball division will revert back to the bat rule as adopted within the 2020 Little League Rule Book Rule 1.10 non-wood and laminated bats that bear the USA Baseball logo signifying the bat meets the USABat – USA Baseball’s Youth Bat Performance Standard. Wood bats as specified within Rule 1.10 are also allowed. Wood bats are NOT mandatory for the majors division in 2020. Players do have the option to use their own wood bat if they wish.

For those of you considering the purchase of a wood bat, see the FAQs section for general information. The wood bats approved for use in the Major League Division must be solid, one-piece wood bats (typically ash, maple or birch) that adhere to Little League’s regulations. These bats will be allowed for play with or without the USABat licensing mark.

BATS NOT PERMITTED FOR USE: Multi-piece wood bats that may have the USA Baseball mark approved for play including two-piece wood bats, composite wood bats, laminated wood bats, bamboo, bonded wood bats and any wood bat that could be defined as an ‘experimental’ design.