Posted by Michael Chiarito on Dec 14 2012 at 04:00PM PST

Little League has created a new baseball division starting in the spring of 2013. The division is named the Intermediate Division, although it is also known as the 50/70 Division. This is because the dimensions of the field are a little different then what we normally see in Little League.

Little League fields have dimensions of 60 foot base paths with a 46 foot pitching distance. This is the field that players in our league age 12 and under use. The larger field for players 13 and older has 90 foot base paths with a 60 foot pitching distance. This is also the size field that Major League Baseball players use.

The new Intermediate Division uses a field with a 50 foot pitching distance and 70 foot base paths. Little League allows players ages 11-13 years old to be placed in this division. The only negative that came with this change from Little League was the fact that it came out after we started our registration for the spring season.

Some benefits associated with the new Intermediate Division include:
- The 50/70 format uses Junior League Baseball Rules for a more competitive level of play.
(leading off / picking off, pitchers holding runners on base, dropped third strike)
- Provides the incentive for players to stay mentally engaged and focused.
- Offers players a better transition to the 60/90 format currently being used in our modified and high school baseball programs.

Originally we stated that all 13 year old players in our league will be placed in the Intermediate Division. After receiving input from people around our league as well as other leagues in our county we will be making the following changes:

All 13 year old players (birthdates between 5/1/99 - 4/30/00) will be placed in the   Intermediate Division. 

All 12 year old players (birthdates between 5/1/00 – 4/30/01) will be placed in the Majors Division (50/70). This will provide the 13 year old players a “stepping stone” from the smaller 46/60 field to the larger 60/90 field that they will move to next year as 14 year olds.

Depending on the number of teams and number of 13 year olds that register this spring some 12 year olds (birthdates between 5/1/01 – 4/30/02) will be selected via draft to play in the Intermediate Division (50/70). The placement of an 12 year old in this division will be based solely on the evaluation score the player receives during the player evaluation as well as the selection by a team manager in this division.

Any 12 year old (birthdates between 5/1/01 – 4/30/02) that does not get drafted to the Intermediate Division will play in the Majors Division in 2014.

All 10 year olds players (birthdates between 5/1/02 – 4/30/03) will be placed in the Majors Division.

The new division format for the MWLL starting in 2013 will be as follows:

AAA Division – 9 year olds (5/1/03 – 4/30/04)
Majors Division – 10 year olds/undrafted 11 year olds (5/1/01 – 4/30/03)
Intermediate Division – drafted 11 year olds/all 12 year olds (5/1/00 – 4/30/02)
Senior Division – 13 – 16 year olds (5/1/99 – 4/30/97)
(International Division has been eliminated)

We would like to thank you for your understanding and patience as we are working very hard to make the 2014 spring season a great one for all of the players in our league. Please understand that these changes have been made with the best interest of all of the players in mind.

We understand that there may be some questions or concerns with the new division formats. You may email the league at any time at

Please remember that the registration deadline is 11/31/13 to guarantee a spot on a team. Register today and avoid a late fee. All players will be placed in the correct division based on their age.

Also, check out our winter training clinics that have begun. These clinics are for any player that was in the league in 2012 or that has registered for 2013. Take advantage of the low price and time we are giving for extra learning. The schedule and details can be found on our league website,

Thank you,

MWLL Board of Directors


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