Visual Arts

Posted by Visual Arts on Sep 18 2017 at 11:09AM PDT

Self-expression takes many forms in our arts program: drawing, painting, pottery, sculpting and more. But art isn’t restricted to art classes. We also integrate art throughout our curriculum, using it to enhance lessons and improve visual critical thiinking skills. We want our students to think in terms of images, as well as words, expressing themselves in every way possible. And, we also hope they come to appreciate the work of others, igniting a lifelong interest in art and leading them to embrace those experiences that can bring beauty and meaning into their lives.

The visual arts curriculum at Windermere Preparatory School is designed to bring each student the confidence and desire to create. Students are encouraged to be expressive and focus more on the process than the end product. Students are always encouraged to explore their talents and options whether it is drawing, painting or sculpture. While following standards and guidelines, the art room is a safe haven for creative expression and development of critical thinking skills.