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Posted by Capital District Girls Basketball League at Nov 6, 2000 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Studies have shown that as many as 70 percent of the children who participate in youth sports drop out before age 13. Here are some of the reasons:   1) players do not get a chance to play  2) the coaches are abusive  3) winning is overemphasized  4) there is excessive repetition that leads to boredom We need to change this. Let's make kids' sports fun for all the players!
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Posted by Capital District Girls Basketball League at Nov 2, 2000 9:54PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Welcome to the Basketball whiteboard. You can use the whiteboard to draw plays and discuss coaching issues in real time with other users The board will take a few moments to load. Please be considerate if others are using the board and ask before clearing or loading a new image. You can also save your drawings for later use. Please log into the chat by entering your name and hitting return in the chat window. Have Fun!
Future Stars was created to provide opportunities for girls to develop their skills and be exposed to college scholarships. Entering its 29th year, over 80,000 campers have taken advantage of the Future Stars experience, and the tradition continues to grow. image
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Human Kinetics

Posted by Capital District Girls Basketball League at Oct 7, 2000 2:26AM PDT ( 0 Comments )
"The Information Leader in Physical Activity." Great information for coaches and players.
The Athletic Training program at the California State University at Chico provides this very well-done web site. Coaches can learn valuable information about treating and preventing sports injuries.