Dogs and Mixed Lower (Men's League players)

Posted by Summit County Softball on Jul 08 2019 at 10:32PM PDT in 2019 Summer Season

Greetings team manager,
We went over at the Manager’s Meeting that dogs or other pets will not be allowed at the fields this season. I have tried and tried to keep up with it. Tonight again the Breck dog situation was out of hand and I was told about it from multiple sources as such.


Including myself, board members and umpires will be able to declare games forfeited if there are dogs at, in, near your teams dugout. If you have a dog in these locations and it isn’t your teams you best find out and have the owner remove it. Forfeited games will end 7-0 no matter what.

Also I have had to police Mixed Lower teams playing with multiple Men’s League players. You are only allowed one to play in the game at a time. This is cheating and isn’t tolerated either, I will start to post declare forfeits to teams cheating in this manner. If you are picking up guys and you aren’t aware if they play Mens league just ask them. Do you play Men’s League? We all ready have one on our team. Having more than makes a huge difference, which is why the rule. If you want to play with multiple Men’s League players the Mixed Upper league plays on Tuesday nights!

DOGS = FORFEIT period!
Mixed Lower = 1 Men’s League player per team at a time or you will forfeit at the time or after the game ends when it is reported. It is called cheating. Preciously why we have Mixed Upper.

As the Team Manager you are 100% responsible for your team, team spouses and supporters.

Smoke and Softball Board Summit County Softball League


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