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We have several events coming up in the next two weeks as our regular season comes to an end! We hope that you will be able to participate!

May 18, 2019 Challenger “Fans in the Stands” 9am-11am at Challenger Field (Corner of Olympic Parkway and Olympic Vista)
May 18, 2019 Polls Open for Board Member Elections 9am-4pm @ Eastlake Little League Fields (Creekside)
May 19, 2019 Little League Day @ Petco Park
June 1, 2019 Polls Open for Board Member Elections 9am-4pm @ Eastlake Little League Fields (Creekside)


We know everyone is excited for the Little League Parade at Petco Park this Sunday 5/19/19!

*Please see the attached flyer for important information regarding all the details. *

We hope you have a great time at the game ELL and Go Padres!!!

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Hello Eastlake Little League Family!

You will have one more chance to turn in your raffle ticket money or unused tickets this Tuesday May 14th from 5:00pm-7:30pm next to the snack bar. This will be your last opportunity to turn in! Remember this is a fundraiser and the money raised goes back to ELL! So get out there and make some last minute sales for a great cause and a chance at having an amazing Petco Experience to watch our San Diego Padres in style!!

Drawing will be held on May 18th, 2019!

Board Member Nominees/Bios 2019-2020

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Hello Eastlake Little League,
Here are the bios of the candidates running for positions on your Eastlake Little League 2019-2020 board. Elections will be held in-person at the Creekside Fields on May 18, 2019 and June 1, 2019. The polling station will be open from 9am-4pm on both days. Any questions, please email


ELL Family, I have been proud to serve on our Eastlake Little League board for the last three years. I enjoyed serving our baseball community as a Division Rep and Player Agent. I would now be honored to serve as your next President. Our league is one of the best and I would love to keep our brand of baseball top notch. I am committed to our community, our league but most importantly our kids. Every child should enjoy the experience of baseball and make a few friends along the way. Warm Regards, Alis Nicolaus


My name is Jay Drake and I am running for the position of Secretary . My experience with Eastlake Little League consists of it being a family for my children since 2008, first with my son Ethan, then my daughter Alyssa, and now my son Jayden. I have served as a team Manager for the Fall/Spring seasons since 2015, and I have severed on the Board the last 3 yrs. I would LOVE to give back to the league all it has given myself and my family. My desire for being league secretary lies directly in keeping all of our kids growing in their developmental stages in a friendly and fair manner. I will take great pride in making sure everybody has memorable experience.

Equipment Manager:

My name is David Ovadia and I have been involved with Eastlake Little League for over 10 and I’m currently a board member as the Equipment Manager. My family and I have lived on top of the baseball fields for more than 15 years and have always been a big supporters of the league. Our youngest is currently playing Minor B so we will be involved with league for more years to come. I have been a coach in some capacity the last 7 years and this past year I’m a manager of a Minor B team.

Field Maintenance:

My name is Scott Nicolaus and for the past year I have been your Field Maintenance Manager. Over the last year I have tried hard to be a good steward of our league’s money while still maintaining a great facility for our kids to play in. I would appreciate your vote as there is more work to do to make our fields the best in District 42.

Manager/Coach Coordinator:

My name is Harry Ringgold, I’m currently your board member as Manager /Coach coordinator. I’ve been a member of Eastlake little league since 2012 and I’m again asking for your vote to continue as your manager /coach coordinator. I will continue to focus on our kids baseball development. I will be an advocate for starting kid pitch earlier in minor B and a new pitching mound for minor A. It’s all about the kids and their little league experience. Vote for me and I’ll work tirelessly to make your little league experience productive and memorable.

Scorekeeper/Tournament Director:

My name is Erin Ferma, and I am running for the position of scorekeeper/tournament director for the 2019/2020 little league board. I have been a part of Eastlake little league for the past ten years, with two sons who have played since they were in t-ball. My older son, Dylan, is finishing his last year at Eastlake this season, and my younger son, Ryan, has one season left next year. I served on this season’s board in this position, and I greatly valued the opportunity to be able to give back to the Eastlake parents and kids who I consider to be an extended family. I look forward to serving you all again this upcoming season and I can’t wait to see what the season has in store for everyone. I thank you for your confidence and your vote. Let’s have a fantastic season!

Information Officer:

My name is Christine Decker-Hughes and I am your current Information Officer at Eastlake Little League. We currently have 2 sons playing in the league and have been a part of the ELL family since 2016. It has been challenging in this role as I learned “on the job,” the responsibilities of this position over the past year. I would like to ask for your vote to continue as ELL’s Information Officer. With the knowledge I have gained over this past season, I feel that I will be better able to serve the league in this capacity if given the chance to continue. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Fundraising Director:

I would like to continue my position as the fundraising director with Eastlake Little League. I have been involved with Eastlake Little League for the past seven years with six to seven more to go with my son’s James, Kevin, and recently my daughter Sarah. Learning this role and position has given me insight on new ideas and ways we can build our little league community and promote our league. My goal is to continue to improve and promote the league for players, families, and volunteers.-Kandice Krawcion

Safety Officer:

Hello Parents, my name is Jesse Resner and I have been a part of the Eastlake Little League (ELL) family for multiple seasons. I take great pleasure helping our children develop in to responsible and mature players who enjoy the game of baseball. I wish to continue my service as the Eastlake Little League Safety Officer for the 2020 season. I served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years and currently own multiple businesses. As we know, safety is paramount to game of baseball, and I wish to continue the excellent safety program that ELL has established over the years. I will continue to provide the safest environment possible for our ELL players and families. Additionally, I will address all safety issues and concerns as efficiently and timely as possible. Eastlake Little League is the greatest youth program that our community has to offer, and I am hopeful that you will allow me to serve you. Thank you in advance for your consideration, Jesse Resner

Player Agent B:

My name is Claudia Ringgold and I have been a member of Eastlake Little League since 2012. My kids Brooklyn and Kingston have been in the league since they started T-ball and are now playing Minor A. Eastlake Little League is like their second home. I am running for the position of Player Agent B because I have the ability to perform the duties and I will add value to Eastlake Little League in more ways than one. In my professional life, I manage 50 plus employees and I am responsible for maintaining sensitive documents, maintaining personal files, and communicating important information in writing , email, and in person. These abilities are also needed to represent Eastlake Little League and their families as Player agent B, and that is why I am confident in asking for your vote. I will serve Eastlake families and will put them first . I look forward to serving each day in 2020.

Division Rep-T Ball:

I am Kristofer Ortiz and I was born and raised in Salinas, Ca until I joined the US Navy in December of 1999 where I served as an Electronics Technician until I separated from Active Duty in January 2012. I joined the Navy Reserves that same month and will retire on May 18, 2019. After Active Duty in January 2012, I became a contractor for the Navy until the Federal Aviation Administration hired me in September 2012, where I remain to this day. I have twin boys who have been playing at ELL since Spring Ball 2015. I have always helped every coach my kids have had but decided to become a full time Minor B manager this year because I love the game of baseball. I desire to be a board member because I want to be part of the Gold Standard for little league baseball in the county.

Division Rep-Minor B:

Please accept my request to run for the position of “Division Rep – Minor B” in the upcoming Board elections. My wife currently serves on the board and I have 2 children in the league, ages 5 and 8. I understand the time and commitment it takes to serve on the board and impact that a positive voice can make in the league. Thank you for the consideration. CJ Weston

Division Rep- Juniors:

My name is Alejandro Uribe and I am seeking the position of Juniors Division Rep for the 2019 – 2020 term. As some of you may know, I have been a volunteer at ELL since the 2011 Spring Season when my oldest son started playing T-ball. Throughout these seven years/seasons, I have served as Team Manager for the T-Ball, Minors, Majors Division and As a board member minor A and Minor B division representative. With now my two children playing in the league (Diego in intermediate division and Emilio in Minor A Division), I want to reiterate my dedication and commitment to ELL by being more involved than ever. As Juniors Division Rep, looking how intermediate division is growing. I will leverage my years of experience, integrity, and passion for the game to make the 2019 – 2020 a productive and enjoyable season for Managers, families and most importantly, our players. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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Board Member Interest 2019-2020

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Public Notice for Upcoming ELL Board of Directors Elections
Deadline to submit interest is May 12, 2019

Elections for the 2019-2020 Eastlake Little League Board of Directors will be held in-person at the Creekside Fields on May 18, 2019 and June 1, 2019. The polling station will be open from 9:00am to 4:00pm on both days.

Incumbent Board Members and new candidates must inform the Board of their candidacy between now and May 12 by 12pm, noon. Ballots will be counted and notification of the new board members will be on June 3rd, 2019. The new board will officially take office on September 1, 2019.

Board Member Nominees and Bios can be found on the Side Menu of our website under “2019 BOD Nominees/Bios” for your information. They will also be posted in an announcement once the nomination deadline has passed.

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