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The Eastern District Soccer Association is proud to have one of its Board of Directors selected to the 2017 class of the Eastern New York Soccer Association Hall of Fame.

German Mena was born and raised in Honduras. As most Hondurans his love for the game of soccer started young and he played the great sport of soccer almost before he could walk. He played right through High School and wanted to continue after school but German knew the he did not possess the skills to play in the semi-professional leagues. The semi-professional leagues did notice German’s knowledge of the game and natural ability to lead and instruct and offered him a position as coach. German became one of the youngest coaches ever to lead a Honduras semi-professional team. His fairness and ability to coach players much older than him and win were noticed by all.

Times were tough in Honduras and German’s father convinced German to move to America in March of 1994. The pressure of moving to a new country and making a living were monumental but he still took time to play soccer. Soccer to German is not simply a sport, but a way of life. He would go down to Tibbetts Brook Park and Pelton Field in Yonkers to participate in “pick-up” games and formed some strong friendships through soccer. In just a year his new friends form a team called “Friends United” and joined the Liga Mexicana de Yonkers. Besides playing his leadership skills once again surfaced and he was elected assistant coach.

In the first 2 years of “Friends United” wins were scares and they finished last out of 16 teams. In 1998 a few players from his native country Honduras asked him to help form a team of Hondurans. German gladly accepted and became coach of “Honduras Yonkers”.

In 1999 “Honduras Yonkers” won the league championship and repeated this feat for another 5 years becoming the only team to win 6 consecutive championships. Their reputation grew and were invited to participate in city-wide, countywide and statewide tournaments. Their games drew large crowds and they always finished in the top percent of the tournaments.

In 2006 Liga Mexicana de Yonkers encountered some problems and the teams were looking for a new outlet. The managers approached the City of Yonkers and asked for assistance in establishing a new “certified” league. The City of Yonkers offered to help but the league would have to be governed by the team and players themselves. The teams agreed and that night the 20 teams form a Board of Directors and German was voted unanimously to be president and lead their new endeavor. That night “Liga de Yonkers” was formed. The City of Yonkers Parks Commissioner said “Liga de Yonkers would have never had survived if it wasn’t for German Mena.”

Germans playing days were over but now coaching Honduras Yonkers and running the league became almost a full time job. Liga de Yonkers also joined the Eastern District Soccer League to give credibility to the league. German didn’t stop at just running Liga de Yonkers. He saw the need of soccer in the Yonkers Community and became an advocate for soccer at all levels. He started an over 40 league which played during the week, he started the first women’s league in Yonkers, and pushed back the game times of Liga de Yonkers to give playing time to youth soccer. If anyone had a soccer question or needed help German was the guy to go to. Not only did he work tirelessly promoting local soccer he was also instrumental in bringing non-affiliate players and teams into Eastern District Soccer League and Eastern New York State Soccer. He became a true ambassador for the sport of soccer.

In 2008 German was honored to be invited by EDSL President Peter Pinori to become a Board Member of EDSL and continues to serve proudly.

Honduras Yonkers continued to be one of the top teams in the area and participated and won numerous State Cup competitions. In 2016 they made the finals of the state cup but regretfully lost in close, well-played game.

In 2017, regretfully due to health reasons, German gave up coaching Honduras Yonkers and relinquished the presidency of Liga de Yonkers. He still serves and participates on the EDSL Board, and still spends time on Sundays at Pelton Field assisting whenever and wherever possible.

When informed he was nominated to the State Hall of Fame, he was honored but also embarrassed. Honored to be recognized by his peers but embarrassed for being honored by the great game of soccer when the great game of soccer has done so much for him.


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Club Atletico Tumi attended the EDSL Champions Night Dinner Dance at the Ukrainians Youth Center in Yonkers. For the second year in a row CA Tumi received the Champions Trophy Cup. Players, fans and coaches celebrated this achievement by adding one more star to the long history of the Club.


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The EDSL Dinner Dance Party held at Ukrainian Youth Center in Yonkers on October 27, 2017 attracted an attendance of more than 200 people. Champions Awards were handed in to all Champions from all the divisions, Open EDSL, Port Chester, Liga de Yonkers, Mount Kisco, Over 30 and Over 40; topped with the Winners of the State Cup and Champions Cup.
Good music, wine and beer accompany the delicious appetizers and food served.

C.A. TUMI is the new 2017 CHAMPION

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The Port Chester Soccer League has a new Champion. Club Atletico Tumi has again obtain the championship by defeating the young team Port Chester SC U21 by the score of 3-2.
C.A Tumi adds one more star to their long participation in organized leagues. This will be the 8th star for the Port Chester Soccer League founded in 1994. Pierre Caceda, Kevin Riveros and Cesar Maldonado score for Tumi and Yeison Soto and Abraham Ferrero discounted for Port Chester SC.
Well played game from beginning to end with two different strategies with Tumi controlling the ball and building plays that could hurt the Port Chester defense. On the other hand a very young and fast team with quick passes to surprise Tumi while counter attacking.

Congratulation to both teams for the excellent sportsmanship show on the field


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Two semifinals were played on Sunday September 10th at Columbus Park Port Chester
The outcome were simply surprises, PCSC U21 beat the all-time favorite Deportivo La Maquina by 4-1. La Maquina with their full squad could not penetrate the very well positioned PCSC defensive line. PCSC open up the score at 7th minute of the first half, with a 2-0 in the scoreboard both teams ended the first half.
In the second half, La Maquina try to shorten the difference by making fresh substitutions but end up falling in a disarray complicating things even more. At the 20th PCSC score again making an uphill battle for La Maquina; they discounted on a penalty kick at minute 31 and with a 3-1 against, La Maquina insisted unsuccessfully to shorten the score. Finally the game ended up with 4-1 in favor of the young team Port Chester Soccer Club U21. This team is the first time participating in an adult league and becoming already a finalist.
The second game was scheduled for 4:00 p.m. between C.A. Tumi vs Cortlandt FC. Quite an expectation for this game since Cortlandt FC defeated C.A Tumi in their last encounter for the regular season.
Contrary to our expectations Tumi took an early lead at the 6th minute of the first half. Surprisingly, the first half ended with a 2-0 lead for Tumi after Juan Nunez took a beautiful air ball shot. Early in the second half Tumi, Abdul score again and shortly after Cortlandt FC put the score 3-1.
A rain of goals followed the minutes after Cortland woke up, Tumi scored the 4th, 5th and 6th, and 7th goals one after another; Cortlandt FC discounted twice after that. The final score tells the rest of the story with a 10-4 lead C.A. Tumi has become once again the other finalist.