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The EDSL has two new Hall of Famers, Elias Tsekerides amd August Cambria were awarded with the maximum distinction that ENYSSA could provide.
August Cambria started working part time for the Yonkers Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation (YDPRC) in 1974. Upon graduation from Southern Connect State College, with a degree in Recreation and Leisure Management he started work for the YDPRC as a CETA employee and was then hired in 1979 as a Recreation Supervisor. He was involved in all aspects of the Recreation and programming and spent a large amount of time in charge of Sports overseeing all the various sports leagues including the Boys and Girls clubs in the City. In 1992 he was promoted to Director of Recreation and took a personal interest in the Youth Soccer programming overseeing the in-house programs of all the clubs and organizing, scheduling and monitoring over 60+ teams playing at 22 field’s city wide. He also was a main factor in starting “Yonkers United”, the overall city’s youth traveling soccer program. For Yonkers United he ran an annual Columbus Day Tournament which attracted 32 teams from the tristate area. This tournament grew from the original 32 teams to over 250 teams.
In 1994 he was promoted to Deputy Commissioner and continued to oversee and take an active role in the Youth Soccer Leagues. In 2003 He was approached by members of a local adult recreational soccer League that played at Pelton Field. He was asked to help regulate and organize their League. They were not affiliated with any State or Local Organization. During his years of involvement in soccer Mr. Cambria had the pleasure meeting Mr. Peter Pinori who was President of the Eastern District Soccer League. With Mr. Pinori’s guidance and assistance Liga de Yonkers, consisting of 20 teams, was formed in 2003 under the auspices of The Eastern District Soccer League and Eastern New York State Soccer Association. Mr. Cambria was promoted to Commissioner in 2008 but still helped run, schedule and oversee Liga De Yonkers.
During his time as Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner he was instrumental in getting 5 turf fields constructed which enhanced and promoted soccer and attracted teams and leagues from all of southern New York. Mr. Cambria, after 35+ years working for YDPRC, retired in 2011 but continues today to run and act as registrar for the Liga de Yonkers and is a member of the EDSL Executive Board.


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Augie Cambria – Augie worked for the Yonkers Parks department from 1979 eventually becoming the deputy commissioner and the commissioner from 2007 to his retirement in 2016. He has helped the EDSL for over 25 years in helping secure soccer fields for the league to operate.
He was the main reason why the LDY division became member of the EDSL and ENYSSA. Since his retirement he has continued to be the registrar the treasurer and an active member of the EDSL board of directors.

John Jorgensen – Founding member of the 040 division of the EDSL with 4 teams which as now become one the biggest divisions of the EDSL with 18 teams and has started a brand new O48 division with 6 teams.

Gilbert Ventura – founder and still manager of the Olimpia soccer team in Newburg NY. Gibert was influential in bringing in 2 separate divisions into the EDSL the Newburg and Middletown divisions.

Rafael Quijada – Rafael has been involved with one team or another since the early 1990. He has even represented the EDSL has a starting goalie for their all-star team.
He has formed many teams and been involved in 3 EDSL divisions the Open, Port Chester and the LDY.
He became president of the LDY and still has a team New York El Salvador in the LDY division.

Also 3 other individuals were honored – Joe Ulrich, Jiri Novak and Peter Fatol

Jiri Novak and Peter Fatol of the Czechoslovakia team that has been with the Open and O30 division of the EDSL. Only team that won 2 state cups consecutively first as an open team after has an Over 30 State Champs

Joe Ulrich – Germania president for many years he has supported the EDSL for many years. Germania is the biggest EDSL club has their own field and headquarters in Poughkeepsie NY and has had 6 teams in 6 separate divisions. (U23 O30 Fall, O30 Summer, Indoor, O40 and O48)


Our EDSL Champions Cup winner CA Tumi will be representing the EDSL in this year Sal Rapaglia ENY Tournament of Champions

September 20th 2019 – Varrazano Sport Complex in Brooklyn NY or Drier Offerman Park.

EDSL CA Tumi vs State Flamhaft Cup Sporting (CSL)
State Manning Cup Pancyprians vs Winner of (CSL vs LISL)


CA Tumi is the EDSL Champion League Winner 2019

CA Tumi will be representing the EDSL in this year Sal Rapaglia ENY Tournament of Champions scheduled for the 3rd Sunday or September 20th 2019 at the Verrazano Sport complex in Brooklyn NY or Drier Offerman Park. CA Tumi will be facing the same team that they faced in the State Flamhaft Cup final this past June Sporting from the CSL in their first round. The other game will see the Pancyprians who were the winner of the State Manning Cup and the champions of the CSL vs the LISFL winner.

Tumi did not miss their highest scorer Cecar Ceja since #15 Pedritis Alexander scored all 3 of their goals on the 7th 62nd and 77th minute of the game. Tallawah did score with their leader and manager Junior Elleston at the 66th minute and had opportunities to tie the game but could not and as they pushed up looking for an equalizer got hit with a counterattack that secured the first win for CA Tumi.

This is the 9th year of the EDSL Tournament of Champions and we have had 9 different winners

2011 Caribbean Strikers
2012 Germania
2013 San Onofre
2014 Real Sociedad
2015 South Stars
2016 Westchester CF
2017 Kelmendi
2018 La Herradura
2019 CA Tumi

I would like to thank all officials and the teams that participated in this year tournament for the sportsmanship that was exhibited by all.
Also on a personal note I would like to thank all that volunteered from the board in ensuring that the tournament was a great success.

Thank you Cesar, Augie, German, Albino Casimir and Gallo.

Below you will find all the results and schedule of this year EDSL Tournament of Champions

June 23, 2019

Game #1 – 10:00 AM El Salvador (LDY #1) 1 vs Unity (Open #2) * 1* PK’s 5-6
Game #2 – 11:30 AM CA Tumi (Port Chester #1) 5 vs S. Lorenzo La Cuadra (LDY #3) 1
Game #3 – 01:00 PM Tallawah (Open #1) 3 vs Paraguay (Port C. #3) 2
Game #4 – 02:30 PM San Onofre (P. C. #3) 1 vs Pumas (LDY #2) 1 PK’s 3-0

Game #5 – 04:00 PM Unity 0 vs CA Tumi 0 PK’s 5-6
Game #6 – 05:30 PM Tallawah 3 vs San Onofre 1

June 30, 2019 2018 Champions cup Final

Game #7 – 10:00 AM CA Tumi 3 vs Tallawah 1

Winner $1,750 with Player’s Gold Medals

Finalist $750 with Player’s Silver Medals

EDSL OVER 30 Final

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*Germania versus Washingtonville, Played on June 23 at East Fishkill sports complex.

Both teams came ready to play. Germania were wearing their sky blue kits, as Washingtonville wore their Yellow alternate tops. The match was cleanly played with neither team making many errors to keep the opponents scoring opportunities at a minimum. The majority of the match was played in the middle third of the pitch with both teams just trying to keep possession.
Germania was first to score at about 15 minutes in. A workman type goal that the Washingtonville keeper was unable to keep out of the back of the net. Washingtonville scored the equalizer 10 minutes later on a rebound that was smashed to left of the Germania keeper from 12 yards out. Washingtonville then took the lead a few moments later off a tough break for Germania when the keeper made an aggressive play to block the ball after a heavy touch from a Washingtonville striker only to have the ball ricochet off him and into the goal. Washingtonville 2-1 at half.

The heat and injuries played a factor. Both teams losing a player, with Germania losing a striker who was pressuring everyone and creating havoc, and Washingtonville, losing a marking back who was a big part of their build up from the back. Germania ties the match after 10 minutes, the winger who scored their first goal wisely headed the ball down into the ground off a long cross bounced over the keeper into the top of the net.

Germania then takes a 3-2 lead a few minutes later on a counter where the striker calmly chips the Washingtonville goalie as he tried to come out and make a play.

Washingtonville having a golden opportunity to tie the match with 15 minutes left was thwarted by the Germania keeper coming out cutting the angle and getting his glove on the ball to stop it from going in near post. As Washingtonville was pushing to try to tie the match Germania had some opportunities to score on counters that were coolly handled by Washingtonville’s center back as they were out numbered.
In the 90th minute after a quick throw down the left side near the end line a Washingtonville player was able to flick the ball across the field over the Germania keeper as a Washingtonville striker slid in volleying the ball from 6 yards out hitting the right post crossing the goal line, tying the game at 3-3
Seconds later the referee blows the whistle. Straight to Penalties. In the best of 5 Washingtonville wins 3-1 as the Washingtonville keeper made 3 fantastic saves in a row.

Courtesy of Konstantinos