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Pop Warner Football is an international program operated for the benefit of its youthful participants. since 1929, the program's philosophy has been: academics and athletics go hand-in-hand. At every level, Pop Warner Football seeks to develope well-rounded young men and women who learn not only the fundamentals of football or cheerleading, but also the importance of education, in an atmosphere conducive to developing sound mind, body and character-and having a good time along the way! The general objectives of Pop Warner Football are to inspire the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship, and physical fitness as reflected in the life of the late Glenn Scobie "Pop" Warner. Pop Warner strives to make the game "fun" for all boys and girls. Coaches must constantly keep in mind the ages of the participants. The program stresses learning lessons of value far beyond the playing or cheering days of the boys and girls involved, such as: self-discipline, teamwork, concentration, friendship, leadership and good sportsmanship. With such goals in mind, and by providing an opportunity to participate in an organized, supervised environment with emphasis on maximum safety and participation, Pop Warner Football offers young men and women a unique experience.
1. Be on time fully dressed and ready for practice at the designated time. Any violators will have consequences before and/or after practice. 2. You must wear your jockstrap, cup, and mouthpiece to every game and practice. Failure to wear any of these items will result in removal from the game by league officials. 3. Every day prepare yourself both mentally and physically for each and every practice. Stay focused on your responsibilities from start to finish. 4. No fighting, profane language, disrespect, or negative gestures will be tolerated at any time. 5. Remember you represent your parents, coaches, yourself and your team. Be smart and use common sense. 6. Horse playing, talking back to coaches or parents will not be tolerated. It is recommended that you respect your fellow players, coaches and parents at all times without question. 7. Be disciplined and responsible on every occasion at school, at home and at practice. Be responsible and you will see the positive results for many years to come. 8. Poor academic performance and poor citizenship in school will result in suspension from games and practice until improvement is made and the standards have been met. 9. Cursing and bad language will not be tolerated or permitted in practice, games or at any Pop Warner functions. Any violation will result in immediate suspension from games and practice. We have a very positive and reputable football program, and great coaching and administrative staffs. We also have positive and supportive parents. Let's dedicate ourselves from start to finish, day-in and day-out to make the Redondo/Beach Cities Football program the best in the conference. With willing spirit and teamwork we can accomplish any goal.
All personnel, coaches, football and cheer, will abide by a Code of Conduct which includes the provisions that follow. Any violation of these rules may result in the revocation of coaching or personnel privileges for Redondo Beach Youth Football and Cheer. PERSONNEL & COACHES SHALL: 1. Never smoke and/or use smokeless tobacco at any Pop Warner function. 2. Always abstain from the possession and drinking of alcoholic beverages and the possession of any illegal substance at any Pop Warner function. 3. Never verbally abuse or critize players/cheerleaders in front of spectators during game situations, but reserve constructive coaching/teaching for later, in private, or in the presence of team/squad members if others might benefit. 4. Never criticize, belittle, antagonize, berate or otherwise incite an opposing team, its players, coaches, cheerleaders or fans by word of mouth or by gesture. 5. Never use abusive or profane language at any time. 6. Always accept decisions of the game officials and judges on the field and in competitions as being fair and called to the best ability of the officials. 7. Never protest an official's call in an aggressive demonstrative manner which might incite violent or aggressive fan involvement. 8. Always emphasize that good athletes must strive to be good students and be both physically and mentally alert. 9. Always strive to make every football/cheerleading activity serve as a training ground for life, and a basis for good mental and physical health. 10. Always remember to treat each player as an individual, remembering the large spread of emotional and physical development for the same age group. 11. Always place the emotional and physical well-being of our players/cheerleaders ahead of any personal drive to win. 12. Always emphasize that winning is the result of good teamwork. 13. Never engage in excessive sideline coaching and never leave the bench area to shout instructions from the sidelines. 14. Together with team officials, be jointly responsible for the conduct and control of team fans and spectators. Any fan who becomes a nuisance and out of control will be asked to leave. Remember your team and fan reaction will be in step with your reaction. 15. Never "pile it on;" or encourage your team to get a commanding lead and raise the score as high as you can. If there is a big lead, every effort shall be made to let all players play. 16. Never receive any payment, in cash or kind, for services as a coach in Pop Warner Football/Cheerleading. 17. Never permit or encourage "sweating down" tactics in order for a player to make the team weight. 18. Never permit any ineligible player to participate in a game. 19. Never deliberately incite or participate in unsportsmanlike conduct. Instead, always lead by example, demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all of my players/cheerleaders. 20. Always remove from a game or practice any participant when even slightly in doubt about his/her health, whether or not as a result of injury, until competent medical advice is available. 21. Always accept any P.C.C. officials' decisions as binding and refrain from open aggressive dispute in public. 22. Always uphold all of the Rules and Regulations of RBYFC, SCC and Pop Warner Little Scholars, and Association regarding Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading. 23. Always remember that you are a youth coach or volunteer, and that the game/program is for the children and not the adults lust for glory.