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Cheer, like football, is a sport that requires a huge commitment from each participant. Each squad works as a unit and they cannot be successful if participants are not present at practices.  We have a great time while putting in all the time to build a tight and talented team.


There are NO TRYOUTS.  


Age Requirements:

The age chart for the cheer program is in the table below.  The age of the participant on 31 July of the participating year is the reference age for this chart.  

Flag Cheer 1-2 6-7
Mitey Mite Cheer 3-4 7-8-9
Junior Pee Wee Cheer 5 8-9-10
Pee Wee Cheer 6 9-10-11
Junior Varsity Cheer 7 10-11-12
Varsity Cheer 8 11-12-13-14

S1: Not smoke and/or use smokeless tobacco on the field. S2: Not criticize players/spirit participants in front of spectators, but reserve constructive criticism for later, in private, or in the presence of team members if others might benefit. S3: Accept decisions of the game officials and judges on the field and in competitions as being fair and called to the best ability of said officials. S4: Not criticize an opposing team, its players, spirit participants, coaches, or fans by word of mouth or by gesture. S5: Emphasize that good athletes strive to be good students and that both are physically and mentally alert. S6: Strive to make every football and spirit activity serve as a training ground for life, and a basis for good mental and physical health. S7: Emphasize that winning is the result of good teamwork. S8: Not engage in excessive sideline coaching and shall not leave the bench area to shout instructions from the sidelines. S9: Together with team officials, be jointly responsible for the conduct and control of team fans and spectators at all times. Any fan who becomes a nuisance and out of control will be asked to leave. S10: Not use abusive or profane language at any time. S11: Not “pile it on;” not encourage their team to get a commanding lead and raise the score as high as it can. In these instances, every effort shall be made to let all players play. S12: Not receive any payment, in cash or kind, for services as a volunteer or participant in Pop Warner Football/Spirit. This includes any coach, expert, consultant or choreographer, regardless of his/ her roster status. S13: Not permit or encourage “sweating down” tactics in order for a player to make the team weight. S14: Not recommend or distribute any medication, controlled or over the counter, except as specifically prescribed by participant’s physician. S15: Not permit an ineligible player or spirit participant to participate in a game. S16: Not deliberately incite unsportsmanlike conduct. S17:Not possess or drink alcoholic beverages and/or use illegal substance(s) on either the game or practice fields. S18: Remove from a game or practice any participant when even slightly in doubt about his/her health, whether or not as a result of injury, until competent medical advice is available. S19: Uphold all rules and regulations, National, Regional & Local, regarding Pop Warner Football, Cheerleading and Dance. S20: Refrain from engaging in any action within or outside Pop Warner which in PWLS sole & absolute discretion reflects negatively upon, or causes embarrassment to, the PW program.
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Pop Warner Tackle Football has many benefits:


  1. No Tryouts.  
  2. Football is one of the most "team" intensive sport available.  Everyone on the field has a specific function that is integral to the play.  Close relationships and communication between teammates is needed.  Participating on a Pop Warner tackle football team leads to incredible friendships and bonds. 
  3. Pop Warner exists to use football and a respect for education to develop strong, smart, responsible, healthy young men.  We give them experiences that build their appreciation for and understanding of leadership, teamwork and discipline.
  4. Pop Warner is the only youth football program that sets, and strictly enforces, an AGE and WEIGHT MATRIX that reduces the risk and reality of injuries.
  5. Prepare for High School Football with the added safety of weight limits.  All sizes and skill level of players are allowed at the High School level.  
  6. Pop Warner is played in 42 states with a national championship playoff at the ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex in Disney World Florida.




Did you know Pop Warner is safer than soccer?  Pop Warner football has 12% fewer injuries per capita among 5-15 year olds than organized soccer in the same age range! (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, NEISS).

Coaches are trained to provide the safest program.

RBYFC and Pop Warner Coaches are trained in the "Heads Up" program. 

Concussion Prevention and Awareness: In addition to its more stringent return to play concussion rules, Pop Warner took the lead in youth sports by creating a MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD. The Board was created to ensure Pop Warner remains proactive on all medical issues that affect youth sports, with primary focus on prevention and proper identification and treatment of concussions, hydration awareness, proper nutrition guidelines and general health and safety. 



Tackle Football requires a huge time and attendance commitment.  Football requires incredible teamwork, knowledge of the game, training for proper form and safety, and athleticism.    



  • Start date: August 1
  • August practices: 5 days per week, 2  1/2 hours per day for a maximum of 10 hours per week.
  • Practice after August: 3 days per week, 2 hours
  • Minimum practice time before tackling:  Each player is required to fulfill 10 hours of practice/conditioning prior to tackle and contact drills.  The safety of our players is paramount!  Players will be instructed in proper hitting form prior to tackle drills. 
  • Inter-squad scrimmages: begin after the 20 hours of conditioning is completed by all players.


Game Play

  • Games will be on Saturdays.
  • First game will be played last weekend of August (MAY PLAY GAMES ON Labor Day weekend).
  • Our home field is Redondo Union High School Football Field. 
  • Redondo Beach is part to the Los Angeles County Pop Warner Conference.  Travel will be required for some games to areas such as: Santa Clarita, Carson, Culver City, Palos Verdes, Torrance...
  • Arrival time: at least one hour prior to game start.  Players have to "weigh-in" and warm up prior to playing. 



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Cheer Code of Conduct

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1. REFRESHMENTS: I. The following items WILL NOT be allowed at any practice: a. Gum b. Candy c. Soda d. Sunflower Seeds 2. CLOTHING: I. All participants will arrive at practice wearing the proper clothing and equipment which includes: a. Low-top tennis shoes b. Long, loose-fitting pants (sweats are best) c. Regular length top – should be long enough to tuck in pants d. Comfortable, loose-fitting jacket, sweater or sweat shirt (sweat shirt is preferred) II. The following clothing items are NOT to be worn to any practices: a. Shorts (except on days where the temperature exceeds 85 degrees) b. Jeans c. High-top tennis shoes d. Short or crop tops e. Bathing suit tops f. Jewelry of any kind g. Any portion of your game uniform, including shoes 3. HAIR: I. Hair MUST be worn pulled back from the eyes and off of the neck. A ponytail at the crown of the head or French braid is the best. II. The following items WILL NOT be worn in the hair: a. Large barrettes b. Ribbons c. Large bobby pins 4. ATTENDANCE: I. No more than two (2) consecutive absences will be allowed or participant will be subject to disciplinary process as outlined. II. No more than two (2) consecutive weeks with absences will be allowed or participant will be subject to disciplinary process as outlined. III. Participants who are late in excess of ten minutes will be counted as an unexcused absence, and will be subject to further disciplinary action if it continues to occur throughout the season. IV. It is the responsibility of each individual participant to notify the cheer coach when she will miss or be late for a practice. Notification will be done in the following manner: a. Telephone the cheer coach a minimum of two (2) hours prior to the scheduled practice time. b. Give the reason, in detail, as to why you are unable to attend practice. V. The following methods are UNACCEPTABLE methods of notifying your coach: a. Telling another member of the squad. b. Leaving a message with anyone other than adult cheer staff. VI. The following are UNACCEPTABLE reasons for missing or being late to practice: a. Social plans. b. Work obligations (i.e. baby-sitting) c. Other sports participation d. Not “feeling like it” e. Not able to locate proper clothing VII. The following are acceptable reasons for missing or being late for practice: a. Illness b. Injury (it is suggested you attend if possible, but not participate) c. School activities (with prior arrangements/notification) d. Family obligations (with prior arrangements/notification) VIII No Participant shall have personal friends attend practices with her. Should anyone bring a friend to practice with her, she will be asked by the cheer coach to leave. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action to the participant. 5. WARM-UPS: I. All squads are to warm-up and stretch not less than ten (10) minutes prior to beginning practice or at the start of a game. II. No participant will be subject to running laps, either as a warm-up activity or as a disciplinary measure. 6. GAME RULES: APPEARANCE I. All girls shall arrive for their regularly scheduled games at the appointed time in the approved uniform and in possession of all required equipment. II. All participants shall arrive for their regularly scheduled game with their hair in one of the following manners, as agreed by the individual cheer coach/squad. a. Ponytail b. Bun c. French Braid III. Participants WILL NOT be allowed to wear the following items to any game: a. Heavy make-up b. Jewelry of any kind (do not have ears pierced during the season, you will not be allowed to wear your earrings to any game or Pop Warner function.) c. Nylons stocking or tights (unless approved by cheer coach) d. Hats (unless it is part of your uniform) e. Unauthorized items such as jackets/sweat shirts, etc. 7. MANNERS/RULES OF CONDUCT: RESPECT I. All participants will remain QUIET when receiving instructions from any adult staff. Questions will be indicated by the participant raising her hand and waiting to be identified. II. Failure to pay attention to instructions or discussion led by an adult staff member, will be subject to the disciplinary process as outlined. III. No abusive or foul language, or obscene gestures will be tolerated at any Pop Warner function. IV. All adult staff members will have full authority to demand the complete cooperation of each participant. Each adult staff member will have full authority to enforce the disciplinary process. CONFRONTATION I. If any participant is experiencing any difficulties with another squad member, you should report the problem to the Head cheer coach. If she cannot solve the problem then it should be reported to the City Cheer Director. II. No participant will verbally antagonize or accost any other participant, whether they are from an opposing squad or someone within their own squad/city. Doing so will result in an immediate: a. One-week suspension b. A second offense will result in suspension for the remainder of the season and review by the Executive Board prior to re-entry into the program. III. Physical confrontations (i.e. pushing, shoving, hitting, etc.) WILL NOT be tolerated for any reason. No participant or staff member shall physically accost or harm another participant or member in any way. Doing so will result in: a. Immediate suspension of the participant or adult staff member. b. Re-entry into the program will be subject to review of the City Board of Directors. 8. TRANSPORTATION: I. Transportation to and from practices and games or any Pop Warner function is the responsibility of the participant and/or the parents of the participant. II. Practices end promptly at 8:00 p.m. Any participant who has not been picked up by 8:15 p.m., the parent will be charged a $5.00 baby-sitting fee for every 15 minutes late. All fees not paid by the end of the season will result in the participant not receiving her trophy and possible re-entry into the program the following year. All checks must be made to the league, not to any individual. 9. DISCIPLINARY PROCESS: I. First Offense: Warning The participant will be warned immediately and asked to cease whatever activity/action she is engaging in. II. Second Offense: Benched If the participant has been previously warned by ANY staff member, the participant will be removed from participation with the squad for the next regularly scheduled game and all practice prior to that game. The participant will however, as part of the disciplinary process, attend practices and remain on the bench in order to observe the activities. The participant will also attend the game for which she has been benched, in full uniform, and observe it from the bench. III. Third Offense: One Full Week of Suspension A third offense of any nature will result in a full week of suspension. While on suspension the participant will not be allowed to attend any practices or games. If the participant attends any game in her uniform following her suspension, she will be immediately suspended for the remainder of the season. IV. Fourth Offense: Suspension for the Remainder of the Season A fourth offense of any nature will result in immediate suspension for the remainder of the season. Additionally, the participant will be subject to prior approval before re-entry into the program for the following season. Note: When a participant is suspended for the remainder of the season you will have ten (10) days in which to return the uniform and all items belonging to the Association. Failure to do so will result in court action at the parent’s expense.