MYBA - Use of Illegal Players

Posted by Juan Pascual on Oct 13 2022 at 05:44PM PDT

The Miami Youth Baseball Association has become aware that several teams have been using overaged players. Apparently some parents and/or coaches have altered or forged birth documents to make the child eligible to play in a particular division. This is unacceptable.

We have removed the players in question from their team’s roster. MYBA has also forfeited all the victories in which the illegal player participated. Additional sanctions are forthcoming to include but not limited to the players suspension from future participation in MYBA leagues, tournaments, and events for a minimum period of one year (through December 31, 2023).

MYBA strives to make the league fun, competitive, and enjoyable for all. We have rules, policies, and procedures in place to ensure that teams play on a level playing field. Our integrity is of the utmost importance.

We apologize for the acts of some unethical, and unscrupulous parents/coaches. Please help us weed out the bad apples.

Thank you
MYBA Staff