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Walpole Vs. Canton for the 2019 9-11 Year Old Championship

by 2019 9-11 Year Old, 2019-07-01T18:55:51.000-07:00July 01 2019, at 06:55 PM PDT

Walpole, Canton, and Norwood All finished with Identical 4-1 Records.

1st Tie Break is head to head. Canton Beat Walpole, Walpole Beat Norwood, Norwood Beat Canton. Because no clear winner was established you go to the 2nd Tie Breaker.

1. EXAMPLE: The Hometown Little League (Major) team has given up eight (8) runs in all five (5) of its pool play games . 8 divided by 30 (6 innings per game played) equals 0.27 .
2 . The Runs-Allowed Ratio for Hometown Little League ( 0.27 in the example above) is compared to the same calculation for each of the teams involved in the tie .

Walpole Claims the #1 Seed with a Runs Allowed Ratio of 0.50 (15 Runs Allowed / 30 Innings)
Canton Claims the #3 Seed with a Runs Allowed Ratio of 0.53 (16 Runs Allowed / 30 Innings)
Norwood is eliminated with a Runs Allowed Ration of 0.63 (19 Runs Allowed / 30 Innings)

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