Posted by Dwayne Sterner on Mar 02 2014 at 04:00PM PST

T-ball Rules and Standards



1.      Games are a minimum of 3 innings and shall be played primarily on one weekday and one weekend day.  Games have a time limit of one hour and forty-five minutes.  If both coaches agree, additional innings may be played if the first 3 innings are completed well before the time limit.


2.      Games will begin the first weekend in May and end the last week of June.


3.      An end of year play-day will be arranged.


4.      Coaches are to pitch to entire line up each half inning.  Coaches are highly encouraged to either sit on a ball bucket or pitch from a kneeling position.  The number of pitches should be determined by the rate of speed in which the coach can deliver a pitch and the closeness of the hitters swing attempts.  Each at-bat should take no more than 1 minute.  There are no walks or strikeouts.


5.      If the batter is unable to hit a coach pitched ball, the tee shall be used to accelerate game play.


6.      A half of an inning will consist of all players on a team batting no matter how many out are recorded.  The last hitter shall be allowed to run all of the bases and may slide into home.


7.      Batting orders should be adjusted each inning to allow kids to hit in different line-up spots.


8.      Score is not to be kept.


9.      All players are to take the field on defense and all coaches are encouraged to be in the field to assist players.  Coaches may not interfere with a batted ball.


10.  Defensive players: 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, and pitcher.  All extra players are to be stationed in the outfield.  No catcher is required.


11.  Each batted ball shall only go for a single unless the ball is hit over an outfield fence.


12.  Runners may only advance one base on all batted balls.


13.  All runners who are out are to be removed from the bases – unless special circumstances.


14.  Stealing is not allowed.


15.  Runners may not advance on over throws or passed balls.


16.  Teams are encouraged to keep the base paths clear of defenders and to attempt to throw out base runners even after the play is determined.


17.  Sliding is not permitted except into home plate.


18.  Players may not be on the roster of a grasshopper level team.


19.   Age range is to be from 5-7 years old.  Players should be playing in their first year or not skilled enough for grasshopper level.


20.  T-Ball labeled bats must be used at this level.  NO big barrel or softball bats are allowed.


21.  (2) new Easton Incrediballs are to be provided by the home team.  No hard balls are to be used.


22.  Bases are to be set at 50 feet.


23.  Each organization may use any uniform deemed appropriate.  May use MLB teams or organization colors.



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