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Grasshopper Rules and Standards


1.      League is for those players that are too strong for t-ball, yet not strong enough for minors level play.


2.      League age range is from the more talented 6 year olds to the less talented 8 year olds.


3.      No player shall be on the roster of any minors or t-ball team.


4.      Game schedule will have one game on a weekday and one on a weekend with a 12-14 game schedule.  Games will begin the first weekend in May and run through the end of June. 


5.      A single-elimination tournament will be held at the end of the year.  For the tournament only, the last inning will not have a run limit.  Medals will be purchased for the top 2 teams in the tournament.  Cost of these medals will be divided among participating organizations.  Each head coach will submit a ranking of the league teams to be averaged for seeding purposes for the tournament.


6.      Score will NOT officially be kept except in the year-end tournament.


7.      The head coaches of both teams will act as the plate umpires for all games and home team will provide a base umpire. Must be an adult.


a.       Each head coach will call balls and strikes for their own batters.  The coach will be positioned behind the pitcher, but not in the batter’s eye area. Strike zone shall be from mid chest to knees.


8.      Head coaches will pitch to their own players the first 2 innings.  There are no balls and strike calls when the coaches are pitching.  Players can strike out, but not walk.  However, there will be an 8 pitch per at-bat limit. After 8 pitches, the batter will be deemed to have struck out unless last pitch was a foul ball. 


9.      Coaches are encouraged to either pitch from a seated position on a ball bucket or from a kneeling position.


10.  Coaches will pitch the first 2 innings of the game, regardless of how many batters they face.  Batting orders are fixed and shall be exchanged with the opponent prior to the game.


11.  Pitchers are allowed 3 walks per inning before moving to no-walk rule.  The no-walk rule is:  After the 4th walk, the pitcher is removed and the head coach will step in to finish the at-bat.  The count will be returned to 0-0 regardless of previous strike count.  Coach’s 8-pitch rule will be in effect at this point. The coach will finish the remainder of the inning at this point.


12.  Pitchers will be removed after hitting 2 batters with a pitch.  HBP will count against walk total.  Idea is to encourage the hitters to swing the bat!


13.  Games will be limited to 1 hour and 45 minutes.  A new inning will not start after the time limit, however, the current inning will be finished.  Goal is to complete at least 5 full innings per game.  To do this, inning changes must be quick.  Please have catchers and pitchers ready to take the field. 


14.  A hitting team coach is to stand near the batter to assist the batter in getting ready and to retrieve any ball that gets by the catcher.  Catchers are to be encouraged to remain in their position.


15.  If either catcher or next pitcher is on the bases with 1 out a courtesy runner will be used.  The courtesy runner will be the last batter to make a batted out.


16.  Catchers must wear a protective cup and fitting catcher’s gear.


17.  Pitchers are allowed only 8 warm-up pitches between innings. Please have coaches receive the warm-up pitches.


18.  Pitchers are only allowed to pitch in one inning per game.  One pitch equals one inning.  Please keep realistic limits on the amount of pitches thrown per player.  One inning should not have more than 30-35 pitches thrown.


19.  If a team runs out of available players that are able to throw strikes, move back to coach pitch.


20.  Batters shall stop at first base unless the batted ball goes beyond the outfielders.  Runners may not advance past the base that they are in route to once any fielder has the ball in hand.   This rule is crucial to sportsmanship of the league.  There is no advancing on overthrows or other miscues once a ball has been fielded.  A fielded ball is any ball that is in a player’s glove or throwing hand.


21.  Bases will be 60 feet in distance and the pitchers plate will be placed 38 feet from home plate.


22.  Base lines must be lined before the game and a batter’s box constructed 6 inches from the plate.  Players must remain in the batter’s box.


23.  A 15-foot line shall be drawn from the back of home plate in an arc between the baselines.  Any batted ball that does not pass this line shall be considered a foul ball.



24.  Fielding positions:  Pitcher, catcher, first basemen, second basemen, shortstop, third basemen, left fielder, left-center fielder, right-center fielder, right fielder.


25.  2 coaches are allowed to be on the field in a defensive capacity to instruct the fielders. Coaches may not contact a ball in play or a fielder during a play. Coaches may stop the game prior to any ball being pitched to instruct the players and correct any situation that they deem necessary.


26.  When the head coach is pitching a fielding pitcher will stand beside him to act in a fielding capacity for balls hit back to the mound area.


27.  Sliding is encouraged into all bases where a play is being made on a runner and must occur at home plate when there is a play being made at the plate.  No collisions are allowed.  Please teach the players to slide into home plate at all times to avoid issues. Runners will be called out if there is a collision at any base even if the collision is unintentional.


28.  Bunting is not allowed.


29.  Stealing is not allowed


30.  Runners may not advance on a passed ball.


31.  Base runners must have one foot on the base until the bat contacts the ball or the ball passes the hitter.  Runners may take a lead, but are not allowed to steal.


32.  Once the batting team scores 5 runs, the half inning shall be considered over even if there are less than 3 outs.


33.  Players may not interfere with the runners by standing in baselines or near the bases if there is no play at that base.  Please warn players first rather than advance the runner.  However, if interference is deemed to cause a runner to be out, please return the runner to the prior base or advance one base.  This is meant to keep infielders out of running lanes and to prevent collisions.


34.  During pre-game, the away team should be allotted the last 15 minutes before the game to take infield/outfield.


35.  Please remind the players and parents that score is not going to be kept and that good sportsmanship is essential.  Coaches will make their best effort to teach the skills and umpire in a fair manner, so fans should refrain from criticizing opposing umpires.



36.  Season ending all-star game will be hosted on a rotating schedule and played under the lights.  Players will be selected with an equal number per team.  Coaches from all teams are asked to participate.  All-star medals will be purchased and cost split among all organizations.


37.  Bats may have up to a -13 drop from length to weight.  T-Ball and Softball bats are not allowed.  Parents should be informed that a drop of more than -10 is not allowed for higher leagues.


38.  (2) new Rif-5 baseballs shall be provided by the home team. 


All other MLB rules apply to gameplay


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