Youth & Adult Golf Lessons

Posted by Tessa Hurd on Mar 15 2011 at 05:00PM PDT

Welcome to Howard County Recreation & Parks Golf Lessons & Camps

Golf lessons are offered to youth and adults in the spring, summer and fall. Lessons are offered on evenings and weekends at several locations. No clubs are required.

Youth Golf Lessons & Camps Spring/Summer 2012 Program Flier

  • Junior Golf: Youth ages 8-17 years will participate in small group lessons which will focus on swing fundamentals, rules and etiquette. No equipment or experience necessary. 
  • Backyard Golf is for ages 4-8 years! Offered at various county schools, children will be introduced to the exciting world of golf! Oversized golf equipment (SNAG Golf) is used to make the learning more fun and enjoyable for this age group. All equipment will be provided and parents are encouraged to participate.
  • A Golf Experience is for ages 5-10 years! Offered at various couty schools, children will experience the game of golf from "green to tee." By using fun themes and words like GRASS (Grip, Relax, Aim, Stance and Swing), children will learn proper golf fundamentals. Real golf clubs will be used in this class and all other equipment will be provided.  
  • Spring break and summer camps are offered to youth ages 8-14 years at the Timbers at Troy Golf Course. Focus on putting, chipping, pitch shots, iron play and tee shots. Last day will include play on the course and course management instruction.  
  • New this summer! Backyard Golf camp and Tennis & Golf camps for ages 5-8 years.

Adult Golf Lessons - Spring/Summer 2012 Program Flier

  • In small group lessons for beginners and advanced beginners, learn putting, chipping, driving and iron play. Adult golf lessons are offered at Fairway Hills, Rocky Gorge, Timbers at Troy and Waverly Woods.
  • Specialized classes are offered at Timbers at Troy Golf Course. Iron It Out focuses on driving, fairway woods and iron play. Putt For Dough focuses on fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shots.  


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