Suburban Rules 2011

Posted by Michele Emmons on Jan 21 2007 at 04:00PM PST
SUBURBAN GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE 2011 SEASON RULES LEGAL GAME a) The league will use the A.S.A. rules for the 14 And Under Fast Pitch age group. b) It shall be an official game after 4 ½ innings have been completed if the home team is leading, or after 5 innings have been completed and the visiting team is leading. All games are 7 innings unless called due to weather, a tie, darkness, or the run ahead rule. The 15 run rule will take affect if any team is winning by 15 runs after five complete innings of play, or 20 runs after four complete innings. The home team will have its last at bat. c) The International Tie Breaker Rule will be used after 7 complete innings. d) On game nights (Sunday thru Thursday) thru the end of the school year, there will be no new inning starting after 8:00 pm. e) On opening day or any other regular scheduled day when a game follows your game, a two hour time limit will be observed. No new inning may begin after two hours of play (under these conditions). Regardless of innings it will be considered an official game. f) In the event that the start of a game is delayed due to bad weather, (rain, lightening, etc.) or at any point the game itself is interrupted by bad weather or the lightening detection device alarming; a waiting period of one half hour will be observed to determine if the bad weather will pass and allow the field to be put into a safe playable condition. Parents, Coaches, and players should remain in the field hose, garage, or car until both coaches and the umpires make a determination on playability. PITCHING RULES a) Pitcher may use PIAA rule allowing both feet on the pitching rubber to start and one step back before delivery. b) Pitcher can return one time during the game. Pitcher is allowed to pitch a total of four innings per game. One pitch in any inning is considered one inning for that pitcher. In the case of extra innings, all pitchers begin like a new game. PLAYING RULES a) All girls cannot turn 15 before Jan 1st, 2007. b) All teams must provide a team roster prior to the first game of the season. After the start of the season there will be no changes. c) All umpires should receive payment prior to the start of the game. d) The base distance is 60 feet. The pitching rubber is 37 ½ feet from the back of home plate. e) Home team will supply the game ball, (1) new 12” ball. f) No protested games. g) No dropped ball on third strike (Third strike rule). h) All jewelry must be removed from all players. i) All girls must be in full proper uniform. Shirts must be tucked in. j) Badgering of any player, coach, umpire or opposing team is not permitted. Where necessary, the umpire will issue one warning. Any additional warnings will result in a forfeit of the batter. k) No disruptive or inappropriate cheering. l) All players will be in their playing positions or on the bench/in dugout. Base coaches will be in coaching boxes or dugout. No team personnel are allowed behind the backstop. No outsiders are allowed on the bench or in the dugout. m) A team will consist of ten players on the field. A legal game may start with eight players. No charged out for less than 10 players. When players arrive late they must be added to the bottom of the batting list. n) You may finish the game with eight players. If that team loses the eighth player before the game ends, that team forfeits the game and the score must be posted at 7-0. o) Courtesy runners are allowed for catcher and pitcher anytime during the inning. The courtesy runner must be the last player out. p) Any team which cancels or postpones a game and fails to notify the other team and umpire, forfeits their game. BATTING RULES a) All teams must bat through their lineup (bat the bench). GAMES ARE TO START AT 6:00 PM unless otherwise scheduled. A fifteen minute grace period will begin at the scheduled game time. At the end of the grace period, if any team does not have enough players to start the game (letter M), that team will forfeit. PLAYOFF AND CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES: The regular season will end one day prior to the beginning of the playoffs. Any games that are not played for whatever reason by this date will result in a loss for both teams. The playoffs shall consist of a round robin tournament with all teams involved. The season’s record will place each team’s position in the tournament. This will be decided in the following manner: a) Overall record; Wins, losses, and ties, wins = 1 point, losses = 0, ties = .5 points. b) head to head, c) runs allowed head to head, and d) Coin toss. THE SUBURBAN GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE IS INTENDED FOR THE ENJOYMENT AND LEARNING EXPERIENCE OF THE GAME. THANK YOU.


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