Pixie Rules 2013

Posted by Dwayne Sterner on May 15 2014 at 05:00PM PDT




a)      It shall be an official game after 3 1/2innings have been completed if the home team is leading, or after 4 innings have been completed and the visiting team is leading.  All games are 6 innings unless called due to weather, a tie, darkness, or the ten run rule. Any game called due to weather or darkness, that is an unofficial game, must be replayed.  Any decision to stop the game will be up to the umpires and the coaches. A two-hour time limit will be observed.  Regardless of innings, it will be considered an official game.  No new inning may begin after two hours of play (under these conditions). 

b)      On game nights (Sunday thru Thursday) thru the end of the school year, there will be no new inning starting after 8:00 pm.

c)      The International Tie Breaker Rule will be used after six complete innings.  The offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who was scheduled to bat ninth in that respective half inning being placed at 2nd base: (e.g. if the #5 batter is to lead off, the #4 player in the batting order will be placed on 2nd base). There will be no stealing allowed in this situation.

d)     If an official game is tied and called due to weather or darkness, both teams shall receive a tie for their record. 

e)      In the event the start of a game is delayed due to bad weather, (rain, lightning, etc.) or at any point the game itself is interrupted by bad weather or the lightning detection device alarming; a waiting period of one half hour will be observed to determine if the bad weather will pass and allow the field to be put into a safe playable condition.  Parents, coaches, and players should remain in the field house, garage, or in their car until both coaches and the umpires make a determination on playability. 

f)       If no determination is made to cancel a game due to bad weather at least one hour before game time, everyone is to show up at the field and a decision will be made there. 


a)      Pitchers must have both feet in contact with the pitching rubber before starting the delivery of the pitch.  A pitcher may step backward keeping the pivot foot in contact with the pitching rubber before delivery of the pitch.  Also the pivot foot must remain in contact with the ground during delivery.  (No crow hopping.) 

b)      Once the pitcher is taken out of the game, she can return (as a pitcher) only once per game. 

c)      Windmill and slingshot pitching are allowed.

d)     Pitchers are limited to a maximum of 4 innings (1 pitch constitutes an inning pitched) 


a)      All girls cannot turn eleven years old prior to 1/1/2014

b)      All teams must provide a team roster prior to the first game of the season. After the start of the season there will be no changes allowed.

c)      All girls on the team roster must bat through the lineup made by the coach prior to game time.  In addition, each player must play at least three innings on the field.  There is free substitution except for the pitcher.  Any girl who shows up late may play and goes to the bottom of the batting order.

d)     The strike zone is from the top of the shoulders to the knees in the normal batting stance, and the chalk line to chalk line of the batter’s box..

e)      Unlimited bunting is allowed. However suicide bunts are not allowed. Also when the intention is made to bunt, there will be no winding up to hit the ball or it is an automatic out.

f)       If the batter squares to bunt and does not pull the bat back it will be considered a strike.

g)      Any batted ball getting stuck in the fence, bounced over, or rolling under the fence is an automatic double.

h)      A team will consist of 10 players on the field.  A legal game may start with nine players and end with eight.  No charged out for less than 10 players.  There will be no borrowing of players from the other team during playoffs; your team will forfeit with less than nine players. 

i)        No coach can assist in any way to help his or her team other than positive verbal encouragement. 

j)        A play is dead after the pitcher has control of the ball in the circle area of the pitching mound.  EXCEPTION:  if a runner comes around third base without stopping she may continue home at her own risk.  If a play is made on that runner no other base runners may advance. 

k)      The bases will be fifty-five feet apart.  The pitching rubber will be thirty-five feet from the back of home plate.  The batters box will be three feet by seven feet and extend three and one half feet in front of home plate.  The pitchers circle is sixteen feet in diameter. 

l)        No infield fly rule.

m)    If the catcher overthrows the pitcher, the ball is dead and runners cannot advance.  If any other fielder overthrows the pitcher, runners may advance at their own risk.

n)      When a runner passes first base and makes an attempt to go to second base, a fielder can tag the runner and the runner is out. 

o)      Stealing of third base is allowed but limited to 2 times per inning after that if a player steals they will be allowed to return to 2nd base without penalty.  A runner can not advance home on an overthrow of the third baseman. Upon release of the ball from the pitchers hand, the runner’s foot may come off the base and the runner may take a lead.  There is no advancing to the next base until the ball is hit.  A base runner may be picked off if too large a lead is taken; however in the case of an errant throw on the pick off attempt, the base runner cannot advance to the next base.  She must stay at the base she started at.  If a runner leads off too early, the runner will get a warning the first time, this is per team.  The second offense will result in the runner being called out.  

p)      Sliding is allowed and encouraged. 

q)      There are no balks.

r)       Courtesy runners are allowed for catcher and pitcher.  The runner will be the last out. 

s)       All batters and every base runner MUST wear a batting helmet and chin straps at all times when on base.  The catcher must wear all protective equipment.

t)       There will be no throwing of the bat.   Each team will be given a warning at the first time of occurrence. The second offense, and there after, the batters will be called out.  

u)      The on deck batter must have an adult spotter. 

v)      Each team will supply one umpire.

w)    All girls must be in proper uniform:  black shorts or pants, with shirts tucked in.

x)      All jewelry must be removed from all players.

y)      No disruptive or inappropriate cheering once the pitcher is on the pitchers rubber all cheering must stop.

z)      Home team is responsible for lining the field and getting the bases ready.  Please help the home team to get the field prepared to move the game along.





a)      The maximum number of batters a team shall have in an inning shall be 10.  With the 10th batter at the plate, there will automatically be two outs. (The 10th batter shall be announced to the umpire.)  The play will be considered dead only after an attempt has been made for an out and the ball is in possession of the pitcher in the circle or an out has been made.  Only in the 6th inning, when the 10 run rule has not come into effect in the previous innings, the ten batter rule and the ten run rule will not apply.  Under these circumstances, the inning will be played to three outs.

b)      There is a maximum of 5 walks per inning only when a hit occurs the count will reset. A hit batsman  does not count as a walk  a hit batsman or strikeout does not restart the walk count

c)      Once the ten run rule comes into effect, and the leading team returns to bat, they may score up to three runs (maximum of six runs if two runs score and a grand slam ensue).  If a ten run lead is exceeded during a play, runs will be counted until the play is dead.

d)     Run ahead rule equals 10 after 4 innings. The complete inning must be played unless the home team scores the ten run limit while at bat. When the visiting team reaches the limit in the top half of the inning, the home team must have its last at bat.



A fifteen minute grace period will begin at the scheduled game time.  At the end of the grace period, if any team does not have enough players to start the game (letter G), that team will forfeit.



The regular season will end one day prior to the beginning of the playoffs.  Any games that are not played for whatever reason by this date will result in a loss for both teams.  The playoffs will consist of a single elimination tournament with all teams involved. The season’s record will place each team’s position in the tournament.  This will be decided in the following manner:     a) Wins, losses, and ties, wins=1pt, losses=0, ties=.5pt.  b) Head to head

c) Runs allowed head to head d) Coin toss.







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