2019 Fall/Winter Registration

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2019 Fall/Winter Registration

Player fees may be paid in full when you complete the registration form or split into installments (50% down, 25% due on September 15 and October 15.) If you register between September 15-October 14, the system will collect 75% at registration; registrations after October 15 will not have the option to pay in installments.)

Annual Registration Fees ($80) covers the cost of player insurance and uniforms and will not be prorated. Registration fees in the fall apply only to new players.

Program Options

Player Annual Registration Fees cover two jerseys, one cap and player insurance for the calendar year. Returning 2019 players who paid the annual registration fee in the Spring/Summer season will not pay it again in the fall.

Extra jerseys and caps can be ordered from the Fort Bend Texans team store.

Financial Agreement

Registration is not complete until payment is received. The Fort Bend Texans do not offer refunds, rebates, or credits for any reason including injury, ineligibility, disciplinary reasons, suspension, expulsion, unavailability, change of plans, game cancellation, or player relocation.

By typing my initials in the box below, I confirm that I agree to fulfill my financial commitment to the Fort Bend Texans Sports Association.

Parent & Player Acknowledgement

I recognize that Fort Bend Texans Sports Association, its Coaches or Tournaments in which the players participate are not liable for any injury obtained by the players, nor are they responsible or liable for any financial responsibility of any kind. I understand that the Fort Bend Texans Sports Association will provide basic medical insurance coverage for each player in the amount of $25,000 per incident. In signing this document, and as legal guardian, I authorize the Fort Bend Texans Sports Association to provide emergency medical treatment for the player due to injury should a legal guardian not be present or available. I hereby release all said parties and sponsors of all responsibility in the event of accident or injury.

I further authorize the Fort Bend Texans Sports Association to freely distribute photographs, game accounts, and other media associated with the player’s participation in Fort Bend Texan Sports Association activities. We (player and parents) accept and agree to the policies and procedures of the Fort Bend Texans Sports Association, including rules regarding player and fan behavior, scheduling and rescheduling of games, playing time, disciplinary actions, policy changes, and know there are NO REFUNDS.

By typing my initials in the box below, I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms detailed in the Parent & Player Acknowledgment above.

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