2019 SoCal Soiree

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2019 SoCal Soiree

2019 Club Solano try outs for 1 (4 day) additional after season tournament.

Soiree Tournament will be held in LA, Anaheim Convention Center, June 20 – 23.
Cost for the Soiree tournament is $650.00 per player.

Try Outs:
Sunday, 5/19
Vanden High School
2951 Markley Ln.
Fairfield, Ca. 94533
Girls All Age Group: 12:30 – 2:00 pm
Cost for the tryout is $10.00 cash only.

Team practices will begin as soon as teams are formed.
Signing at Sheldon Academy, 1901 Woolner Ave. FF, 94533, May 21st, time TBD.
Non Club Solano members must bring their NCVA membership card.

Instructions: Please complete the entire form.

Failure to complete a portion of this form may result in player not being able to participate or will require another form to be completed prior to participation.


You must initial that you have read and agree to the Waiver and Release of Liability form to participate.

Waiver and Release of Liability form

Note: This form must be read and signed before the participant is allowed to take part in any training, competition or testing sessions. By signing this form, the participant affirms having read it.

I/we hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Club Solano volleyball, its’ officers, coaches, directors and volunteers from and against any and all liability for an injury which my daughter may suffer connected with her participation in this program. In case of an emergency occurring during or in connection with any activity of the Club, I authorize any person in charge of the activity to allow medical and/or dental treatment for my daughter at my expense. I understand the Club Solano Volleyball is not obligated to carry any insurance to cover these medical and/or dental expenses. Any dispute between the Club Solano Volleyball and its’ players and/or its’ player’s parents/guardians’ will be settled by independent arbitration.

I also give permission for myself/the above named child to be transported to and receive medical treatment at a local medical facility, and I guarantee the payment of all expenses incurred for such transportation and treatment.

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