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Team Registration/Fundraising

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ATHLETIC REGISTRATION – Must have to sustain the program

This is the payment Amador collects to cover the cost of transportation and coach stipends. If this isn’t paid, the team will need to fundraise to cover the costs. We collect this information for budgeting purposes, you may choose not to fill out.

FUNDRAISING – Need to have in order to develop the program

Sports at Amador are completed funded by donations. No money comes from Amador, the city or the state. In order to pay for uniforms, helmets, nets, balls, registration shortfalls and more, the team relies on the fundraising efforts of players and their parents.

To reach the $500 goal you can fundraise through TeamRaise (online donation program, solicit donations from family & friends), participate in Ad Sales for the Spring Sports Program (Lacrosse receives 60% of the the total ad sales), or participate in the Employer Matching program (and any combination of these). If you do not want to participate in fundraising, you can opt-out of it with a $500 donation.

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