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2019 Travel Team Registration

Travel Teams fees are not included in regular season fees. Travel Team fees cover the player’s share of the team entry, coach travel and coach compensation. Travel Team fees DO NOT cover individual player travel or lodging expenses.

Trip fees can be paid in full or five installments (20% at registration, 20% on the 15th day of Feb/Mar/Apr/May.)

Trip refund policy:
* Fully refundable if the trip does not make
* $250 is not refundable if the team makes
* $500 (Steamboat & W Palm Beach)/$550 (Atlanta) is fully refundable if notice is given by April 30
* $500 (Steamboat & W Palm Beach)/$550 (Atlanta) is 50% refundable if notice is given between May 1-May 31
* No refunds for notice given on or after June 1
or cancel