Board Request Form

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Board Request Form

ETHS Football Boosters values our dedicated Coaching staff, Booster Members, ETHS Faculty and District Administrators. To ensure timely processing of requests for purchases, topics requiring Board vote, camp registration/application management, competition scheduling, et al, the Board has adopted a Board Request process.

Board Request Form Policy:
—ETHS Football Boosters will only process requests submitted through this Board Request form and that have attached supporting documentation (where applicable).
—Requests for purchases must have purchase quote attached. If quote is not available, please provide additional information in Notes section.
—For bulk purchase orders, please enter total purchase amount and upload order document (preferably Excel worksheet with item numbers/skus, counts, vendor(s) contacts and cost details).
—Board Request reports are ran monthly and reviewed at monthly Board Meetings. Please allow 45-60 days for request processing.
—If your request is urgent and needs to be expedited, please e-mail after submitting request. President will review request and determine next steps to expedite.
—Board requests are reviewed by a Board Officer prior to processing. If there are any questions about your request, you will receive an e-mailed inquiry.

For questions regarding Board Request policy, please contact

If you have submitted a request with supporting documentation (where available) and have not received an update within 30 days, please contact

Additional Instructions

—All attachments must be in an image format (.jpeg, .gif or .png). This form does not accept other document formats.
—Please submit only one request per form.
—Please click here for FAQs.

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