Payment Request Form

This form is not collecting results at the moment. Payment Request Form does not collect results after 2019-03-01.

Payment Request Form

If you are an outside vendor, service provider or if you have approved, reimbursable expenses owed, please submit your request for payment and attach supporting documentation through this form within 3-5 business days of services rendered or expenses incurred.

Payment Request Policy:
—Boosters will only process payment requests submitted through this Payment Request form and that have attached supporting documentation.
—Payment Requests are processed twice each calendar month. Please allow 30 days for payment processing before contacting Board for update.
—Requests submitted without supporting documentation attached will not be processed.
—Payment requests submitted after 90 days of services rendered or expenses incurred may be subject to additional validation or be declined.
—Payment requests are reviewed by a Board Officer prior to processing payment. If there are any questions about your request, you will receive an e-mailed inquiry.

For questions regarding Payment Request policy, please contact

If you have submitted a payment request form with supporting documentation and have questions regarding payment remittance, please contact

Additional Instructions

—All attachments must be in an image format (.jpeg, .gif or .png). This form does not accept other document formats.
—You can enter one total payment amount for multiple supporting documents.
—You can attach up to 5 supporting documents. Please ensure amount being requested is sum total of all supporting documents.
—Please click here for FAQs.

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