New Volunteer Policy Effective Immediately

Posted by PineBrookWood Orcas on Jun 11 2019 at 09:10AM PDT

We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, especially those that have stepped up and worked multiple shifts to help fill positions that have been left vacant.

The Orcas have over 160 swimmers this season from 107 different families and it takes 100 volunteers to make a swim meet happen, so all of our swimmers can have a great time and the meet run smoothly.

Unfortunately, we have been running short of willing volunteers and we have families refusing to volunteer. This has forced us to implement a new volunteer policy and swimmer check in.

Starting this week with our meet at Southbelt and going forward this season the following procedures will take place:

  • Swimmer check in will occur at the volunteer coordinator check in.
  • A swimmers’ sticker will not be able to be collected until the responsible party for the volunteer shift checks in.
  • If the family does not check in with the volunteer coordinator your swimmers’ sticker will be held and they will be scratched from the meet at the designated scratch time for that meet.
  • Swimmers will no longer be able to collect their own stickers.

The volunteer coordinator will now have to take role during all volunteer shifts. If you are not present for your shift your child will ineligible to swim in the following meet until you fulfill a volunteer role.

We are unable to fulfill all requests for the first shift and majority if not all of first shift spots have already been taken for the remainder of the season. You are welcome to trade with another family but the volunteer coordinator must be told about the switch. Anyone over the age of 15 is welcome to cover your shift as long as they are with the Orcas, you may not turn over your shift to the other team. There are rules set forth by CCSL that must be followed.

Again we would like to say we have some wonderful volunteers that have gone above and beyond in helping our team be one of the best in the league. Thank you for being willing to cover multiple shifts, trade from 1st to 2nd shift, and do it all for the benefit of our swimmers and our team.

A guide that shows you step by step on how to sign up for volunteer spots is available for your review.

Thank you and Go ORCAS!

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