Practice Only Summer Swim 2020 Registration Open

Posted by Allison Orlina on Jun 10 2020 at 02:27PM PDT

Brooks Blue Marlins announces registration open for a modified practice only swim season for 2020. A stroke and turn camp will consist of practice for 4 weeks starting June 22nd through July 17th. Weekday mornings 7:30 to 10:30 with one hour per group. Independence Day is on a Saturday so no break or days off that week. We are excited to be able to offer a continuation of swim skill development for our team and community. We thank you for your continued commitment to developing your kids’ swim abilities and your family involvement in community support and spirit.

Registration limits: We are limited to a registration total of 50 swimmers who will then be divided into 3 time blocks of approximately 17 swimmers each. Age 8 to 18. Swimmers must have turned 8 by 11:59p on the day camp starts, June 22nd.

Swim ability: Blue Marlins is a swim team, not swim lessons. Registrants must be able to swim the length of the pool without supporting assistance. They do not have to use any particular stroke. If a swimmer is observed as unable to swim without the support of a coach or the lane ropes, they will be withdrawn from Blue Marlins and referred to swim lessons. Registration would be refunded.

How to register: Email the following information to
Full names of children to be registered; ages and birthdates; parent or guardian names; two contact phone numbers; and name and phone number of physician. Make sure the email account you send from is the one you want to receive correspondence at. Please include a swim ability estimation — a phrase that describes your child’s swim skill. A family may register all children in the same household in one email. No registering friends.

Payment: $130 per swimmer. Make a check out to Brooks Blue Marlins. Send check to our Treasurer, Tiffany Lester at 14619 Oak Chase Dr, Houston 77062. No credit or electronic payment this year. Payment must be received within three days of a registration request. If payment is not received in 3 days, the swimmer(s) will be moved to the waitlist.

Release waivers: A release waiver will be emailed to parents in reply to their registration email. It will cover and have separate signature lines for assumption of risk of participation; COVID 19 infection indemnifications; and photo and video authorization. The release waiver must be signed in ink and returned either by scan or mail. You can mail them along with payment if you’d like. See treasurer’s address above. The waiver must be received within 3 days of registration. If a signed waiver is not returned within three days we will withdraw the swimmer(s) and return any payment already made.

Wait list: Registrants will be added to the Blue Marlins practice camp in the order the emails are received at Registration email must contain all the information detailed above in “How to register”. An email without all the information will not be considered a complete registration request and will not hold your place for registration. Registration requests received after the first 50 swimmers have been added will be placed on a wait list. We will notify you if a spot becomes available.

Placement in a practice time block: We are limited in the number of people we can have in the pool at a time. We cannot reserve a practice time preference for your family. We do not yet know if time blocks will be by age or ability level or merely distribution of swimmers over available time.

Coaching: Blue Marlins has four paid coaches: Alexis Monk, Head Coach and Sato Ekhaese, Dana Taruiello, and Lilly Bargar as assistants. Practices will also have volunteer junior coaches serving as helpers and demonstrators. Coaches are empowered to determine practice routine and rules for participation in practice.

Attendance: Swimmers must come to their assigned time block if they want to be assured admittance to practice. Team leadership will be checking attendees in for their assigned practice time. If you missed your assigned time for practice you may report to the pool, but may be denied admittance if the practice is at capacity. Only swimmers, coaches, volunteers, and team leadership will be allowed inside the gate. Parents and other family will not be allowed inside the gate during practice. If you wish to hang around for practice you may do so outside the fence.

Closures and COVID 19 Contingencies: Brooks Blue Marlins is a guest of the Bay Forest Homeowners at their facility. If the Bay Forest board, the Blue Marlins board, or governments with jurisdiction determine the Bay Forest pool or swimming activities must close, stroke and turn camp will cease. Refunds for each full week not swum will be issued.