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Dear Parents and Players

We hope this e-mail finds you all well in this most challenging of times. Most of us I suspect have never faced such a global assault on our health and happiness and the attendant steps necessary to see us get through the pandemic.

In a previous e-mail I mentioned that the season had been postponed until the week after Easter. We were trying to be optimistic in the duration of the Covid situation in the hope that things would improve to the point that it would be safe to proceed with the season. We’re not done yet but , the cancellation of the entire season could very well be a reality. It will only be safe to proceed if the Provincial Health Officer gives the green light. The safety of all involved is much more important than the loss of one season of play.

We have had a few calls asking about possible refunds in the event of cancellation so we have put together an action plan as to how we would like to proceed. I’ll outline our proposed plan so that you’ll know how things would happen.

Our long-standing Club Policy is that all refunds are subject to an administrative fee of $25.

A great deal of time and expense goes into the preparation for the hockey season ( purchasing uniforms , equipment and so on ) so we would like to suggest that you may want to consider taking credit for the 2020 year which will be applied to the 2021 season . If you opt for the credit you will avoid the $25 administrative fee and any possible increase in the 2021 registration fee. If you take the credit you will register for 2021 in the normal manner but only need to select the 2020 credit box. Should you take credit and change your mind by the time 2021 rolls around you can still request a refund.

Many parents have made requests about 2020 team placement and we work very hard to meet those requests. We would certainly be prepared to honour those requests in 2021 by placing children back on their 2020 roster.

With close to 400 players registered for 2020 our most important goal would be not to be overwhelmed with requests should cancellation of the season become a reality! To that end, our plan would be to work with each age level , working down from U-18 to U-11 , and then proceeding to Minis ( 8/9 yrs ) and then Mites ( 4/5/6/7 ) . As each age level is dealt with we would move on to the next so watching your e-mail would be important. If it is your turn you would simply need to indicate credit or refund.

We have a wonderful hard-working treasurer but this would take some time.

Stay tuned for details as they emerge.
Brian and the TC Executive

Please note our Annual Gear and Stick sale originally scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, March 29th will be postponed to a later date. We will notify all parents and players when a new date is set.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.

TCEFHA Executive

As the Organized Sport Sector in BC responds to the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, Field Hockey BC continues to monitor the potential impact to our team sport environment. Given the growing and unprecedented uncertainty surrounding this health pandemic, Field Hockey BC is directing all members and affiliated clubs and associations to suspend all sanctioned field hockey activities in the province until further notice.
This decision will be monitored daily and reviewed on a week to week basis by the Field Hockey BC Board of Directors, with the expectation that a next suspension update will be posted early in April. As new information is received from both Federal and Provincial Government agencies, Field Hockey BC will provide appropriate program and service updates that we hope over time will include a responsible and gradual return to play. Field Hockey BC cannot emphasize enough that the health and safety of all participants in the field hockey community in BC is of the utmost importance and is central to any decision-making process.

Please see attached document for full information.

The document Field-Hockey-BC-COVID-19-Statement-March-20-2020.pdf was attached to this post.

Dear Players and Parents,

we have received direction from the Greater Vancouver Junior Field Hockey League , which is our governing body during spring play. The decision at this time is to postpone the opening of the season from the weekend of April 4/5 to the weekend of April 18/19.

A great deal of volunteer time and energy has been expended in preparation for the 2020 season but, as always, the health and safety of our community of players, coaches and parents is uppermost in our minds. The League and Club will continue to monitor the situation and we will provide you with updates as we move forward.

Are you a NEW Player or have outgrown your equipment??? Then we have the event for you. Our Annual Gear and Stick Sale is being held:

Date: Sunday, March 29th, 2020
Time: 12:00 to 2:00
Location: Cunnings Field

We offer a great starter kit for new players that has a stick, ball, bag, shin guards, and a mouth guard all for 100.00. Plus expert fitting if you are unsure of stick length!

See you there!