How to get an online ATM MasterCard to withdraw money from sites?

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If you are searching to know how to get a Payoneer MasterCard which can be used in ATMs to withdraw money from sites. Then sit back and learn. Here I will guide you to request a for a Payoneer MasterCard and how you can withdraw money from it from your local ATMs.

What is Payoneer MasterCard?

Payoneer is a foreign company which provides money transfer service. We can send and receive from any part of the country. Through this service, the rate of online work has increased as it facilitates the money transfer quick and secure. You can learn more about it here

Payoneer provides features like prepaid MasterCard. It is like a normal debit or ATM card which can be used to withdraw money from ATMs and also you can do online purchase using the MasterCard. You can learn more about it here.

Who needs Payoneer MasterCard?

freelancing and blogging is now the career which gives you freedom from office and work whenever you feel comfortable. If you are a freelancer or blogger then you will receive payments from foreign multinational companies like Fiverr, Upwork or Google Adsense. These companies give payments in their own currency and if you are from another country then it becomes difficult to receive payments. So to make this process easy Payoneer was started. Now, most of the freelancer and bloggers are using Payoneer services to get their payments.

There is no other easy and secure way to receive international payments other than payoneer. Other than bloggers and freelancer anyone can use it to send and receive money.

Now let’s talk about the features and services they are providing.

Payoneer services and benefits

1. free to signup

You don’t have to pay any fee to open a Payoneer account. you can open your account anytime anywhere you want in just a few simple steps. Then you are all free to start sending and receiving money from any part of the earth. To create a new account you just have to go to “” and then click on “signup-up” to start creating your account for free.

2. secure and trusted

Companies like Fiverr, Upwork, Google Adsense and many more multinational companies accept Payoneer as the method to withdraw your earning from there companies. This means no matter where you are from, Payoneer is spread everywhere and you don’t have to go for any other services to receive your money.

3. quick withdrawal process

Receiving money after work is the best part but in companies like PayPal. The money will be withdrawn in your local bank account after 2-3 working days. but Payoneer has rectified this problem and provide withdrawal your money within 24 hours. 24 hours is the maximum time it will be taking to arrive. The minimum time money can arrive in about 2-4 hours.

This gives you the speed to do other works as you don’t have to wait for your money to arrive every time.

4. there is no extra fee

If you are using PayPal then you are totally aware of how much fee you have to pay every time you receive money the account. 3% of the amount you will receive is charged and there are many hidden fees you have to pay.

So Payoneer has cut this off and you don’t have to pay any kind of hidden fee. this makes the Payoneer as the best online money transfer company. Other than that you free to send and receive money to friends and families.

5. 25$ bonus reward

Have you ever heard of getting money for opening an account? NO! Right, but Payoneer does reward you to open a Payoneer account.
The process to get a 25$ bonus reward is very simple and quick. First of all, you have to do is go to Payoneer official website then go to “sign up" button. After that, you will be directed to follow the instructions for opening a new account. You can grab bonus here

Once you have filled all the required information then submit the form. After that Payoneer will start to verify your filled details and when the account is verified you are all set to start using it. There is one condition which has to be fulfilled to receive the 25$ bonus reward.

6. join an affiliate program to earn money

Want to earn money from Payoneer then you can do it by joining the free affiliate program and start promoting the payoneer products. You will earn a commission when anyone will register through your affiliate link. This is the best way to earn some extra cash just by doing so little.

7. Payoneer MasterCard

Payoneer offers a physical Payoneer prepaid MasterCard which works like the ordinary ATM card. You can withdraw money from any local ATMs with the MasterCard.

The steps to get a Payoneer MasterCard is very simple.

Step 1: go to signup for a Payoneer account
Step 2: filled the account form with the personal, contact, proof details.
Step 3: in the preferred payment options select "prepaid MasterCard”. Now once you have filled all the necessary details. Then submit it and wait for 2-3 business days to get your account approved.
You will receive emails regarding the account approve details. After the account is approved then it will at least 30 days to arrive the MasterCard at your entered address.
Remember for successfully approving your account then it is necessary to fill the correct details and a valid government proof of your identity.
Step 4: once the card arrives in your address. Take out the card from the envelope.
Now, log in to your Payoneer account setting and go to activate the card. There you will have to enter the card number and set a pin which you will use to withdraw money from ATMs. That’s all you are done.

You can change the pin anytime you want by going to the account settings.


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