Reminder for Volunteer Shifts

Posted by Pirates 2018 on May 10 2018 at 12:38PM PDT in 2018 Little League Season

Just a quick note to please sign up for concession stand shifts @ Either choose our team nights or days that fit your schedule.

Please note the following requirements apply regarding volunteer Hours:
1) Hours available for volunteering range from Clean-up Days to the end of the Tournament Season – Late July
2) All Star Tournament games aren’t part of the regular season; however they are eligible event to fulfill requirements.
3) Form must be returned to SMLL by 8/15/18 to receive refund – no extensions permitted
4) If there are questions or limitations that require other arrangements a SMLL B.O.D. officer can assist – please ask
5) 3 shifts per family is a service requirement. Minimum of 2 shifts in the concession stand.
6) Umpire a single game counts as 1 shift.

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