ASTROS U18 Development Tour- First Practice and SHIN GUARDS- please read

Posted by Astros U18 Dvp'mt Camp and Tour on Apr 05 2018 at 02:55PM PDT in 2018 Outdoor

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that the fist Tour practice is coming up this Monday at 7 pm at the Viper Dome! Please arrive a little earlier to get your gear on and hand-in forms etc.

Talking about gear ☺

Some of you still play with the soccer shin guards. Yes, I probably talked to you about this and how it does not really do anything for you in field hockey.
Soccer shin guards are too small, they do not cover your shin completely, nor do they protect your ankle bones from a stick or hard hockey ball. I know some of you said that they were too expensive for your budget……,

Guess what???? Our lovely head coach Sharon managed to get her hands on some good, field hockey shin guards, priced at $25 including tax.

I encourage everyone who does not own a pair of good field hockey shin guards to get a pair from Sharon. Please let me know if you are interested, so I will let Sharon know to bring the right size for you on Monday. Please bring $25 dollars to the practice on Monday if you purchase one. If you cannot make it on Monday, but you are still interested, let me know as well, we will figure it out.

If you need any other gear, like gloves, sticks or backpacks, let me know, so we can help you get the right equipment.

Have a great day and hope to see you all on Monday!



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