Give up?

Posted by Ruben Estrada on Feb 21 2018 at 08:46PM PST

We only had 4 boys at practice this evening. I am thinking that the team has given up for the season.

The practice commitment has been inconsistent all season and it shows every Sunday. The frustration level was pretty high last game and the boys were not having any fun.

I would rather forfeit our remaining games than have a group of boys and parents miserable and frustrated.

I would need a commitment of a minimum of 6 boys for games on Sunday. I can’t expect for only 5 boys to play two games without any subs.

If there are not at least 6 boys at practice tomorrow, I will move forward with forfeiting our games on Sunday.

Our Sunday games are 1:15 pm and our 2nd game is either 2:15 pm or 3:15 pm at Thornton High School.



2018-02-22T16:41:49.000-08:00February 22 2018, at 04:41 PM PST, Ruben Estrada said:

See everyone at practice tonight!

Despite our record…if we win both games on Sunday we will qualify for the Championship tournament!