Schuylkill vs. Washington Irish (D1) and Northeast Irish (D2)

Posted by David Codell on Apr 20 2018 at 08:09AM PDT in

Schuylkill River Rugby’s 2018-19 season concluded on Saturday April 14 with matches against the Washington Irish for the D1 side and the Northeast Irish for the D2 side. Things didn’t go our way in these matches but as part of first annual HazBowl old boys match the day was an overall success for Schuylkill.

The score of the D1 match was 43-14 in favor of Washington and the score of D2 match was 31-17 in favor of Northeast. Coach Owen Jones stated that “this was a disappointing finish to the season but the players’ effort cannot be discounted as they battled through a series of tough losses. This spring illustrated the areas in which we need improvement and we know that the players are aligned with the coaches in acknowledging our inefficiencies and our eagerness to rebound in the fall.”

Lucas Brickley earned D1 man of the match honors for his play on Saturday and other strong performers included Ricky Schneider, Randy Helsman, Brian Keown, and Jeff Hall.

Tries: Pat Boyle (1), Cody Bukowski (1)
Cons: Keown (2)

Regarding the D2 match Coach Michael Clark stated that "the year didn’t end the way we wanted but every game we got better, improved our rugby knowledge, and came together as a team. Every week we grew closer as a team, and club, that played for each other. It was because of this that tough losses are easier to handle, long hot matches are less draining, and the thrill of victory is that much sweeter. It has been a pleasure watching this side grow as individuals from several different colleges and men’s clubs into a team that went from starting at D3 to making a solid showing in the D1B league.

Ryan Tower was named man of the match with Reno Jolcover, Matt Chiaramonte, Kyle Miller, and TJ McDonough also earning recognition.

Tries: Matt Chiaramonte (2), Michael Bacon (1)
Cons: Tower (1)

With the conclusion of the season on Saturday Ben Janssen finishes as the leading D1 try scorer with 9 on the season while Michael Bacon finishes as the leading D2 try scorer with 5. The leading D1 points scorer overall was Brian Keown who finished with 68 and the leading D2 point scorer was Ryan Tower with 27.

Season Scoring Tally:
Tries: Michael Bacon (5), James Brunson (4), Beau Lail (4), John Hines (3), Tito Callahan (2), Matt Chiaramonte (2), Dave Gross (2), Dave Hilley (2), Ricky Schneider (2), John Sneh (2), Pat Bellot (1), Mike Centanni (1), Jordan Ghyzel, (1), James Glatts (1), Reno Jolcover (1), Josh Marchisio (1), Brian Taylor (1), Ryan Tower (1), Yuriy Trimba (1), Matt Tyris (1)
Cons: Ryan Tower (8), John Hines (3), Greg Mininger (4),Tito Callahan (2)
Pens: Ryan Tower (2)

Tries: Ben Janssen (9), Rick Schneider (7), Cody Bukowski (4), Pat Boyle (3), Lucas Brickley (3), Rich Casey (3), Chino Deal (3), Ryan McHugh (3), Matt Giannascoli (2), Brian Keown (2), Roman Lowery (2), Mike Centanni (1), Jeff Hall (1), Randy Helsman (1), Graham Johnston (1), Tyler Kelly (1), Geoff Matthes (1), Joe Midwig (1), Jim Rosato (1), Matt Tyris (1)
Cons: Brian Keown (23) Matt Chiaramonte (4) Cody Bukowski (2)
Pens: Brian Keown (4)


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