Schuylkill vs. Norfolk

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Schuylkill River traveled to Norfolk on April 7 for a MAC doubleheader against the Blues. The D1 match was a tough affair against a very strong Norfolk side which resulted in the 69-19 victory for the hosts. The D2 match was better for River as the boys gutted out a 20-13 victory to earn a third place finish in the MAC D1B league this season.

Coaches Owen Jones and Michael Clark wanted to emphasize that the Troop side deserves recognition for a fantastic performance. The boys travelled to Norfolk with 15 available players, played a man down for 10 minutes due to a yellow card, and 50-55 total minutes with 14 players due to a player injury. The team never wavered in their desire and effort and they fought tooth and nail to claw out a win against a strong Norfolk side.
The performance of every player as an individual was outstanding, leading to a cohesive and u
nified team performance. The coaching staff is looking forward to seeing our guys carry the emotion from this win into this week and our matches this weekend. Reno Jolcover was named man of the match for his performance from the scrumhalf position with James “JB” Brunson, Greg “Loopy” Mininger, and Ross McMonigal also earning recognition for their play.

Tries: Reno (1), JB (2)
Cons: Tower (1)
Pens: Tower (1)

Regarding the D1 match Coach Owen Jones described is as a tough loss that we need to take on the chin, learn from, and move forward. This week our focus is on our final two training sessions and our match against the Washington Irish. The Club is honoring Michael “Hazbro” Leland that day and we will honor his memory by finishing strong.
Ricky Schneider earned man of the match honors for his performance at the prop position and other strong performers included fellow prop Lucas Brickley and scrum half Dan Callahan.

Tries: Ricky (2), Brickley (1)
Cons: Keown (2)

Season Scoring Tally:
Tries: Michael Bacon (4), James Brunson (4), Beau Lail (4), John Hines (3), Tito Callahan (2), Dave Gross (2), Dave Hilley (2), Ricky Schneider (2), John Sneh (2), Pat Bellot (1), Mike Centanni (1), Jordan Ghyzel, (1), James Glatts (1), Reno Jolcover (1), Josh Marchisio (1), Brian Taylor (1), Ryan Tower (1), Yuriy Trimba (1), Matt Tyris (1)
Cons: Ryan Tower (7), John Hines (3), Greg Mininger (4),Tito Callahan (2)
Pens: Ryan Tower (2)

Tries: Ben Janssen (9), Rick Schneider (7), Lucas Brickley (3), Cody Bukowski (3), Rich Casey (3), Chino Deal (3), Ryan McHugh (3), Pat Boyle (2), Matt Giannascoli (2), Brian Keown (2), Roman Lowery (2), Mike Centanni (1), Jeff Hall (1), Randy Helsman (1), Graham Johnston (1), Tyler Kelly (1), Geoff Matthes (1), Joe Midwig (1), Jim Rosato (1), Matt Tyris (1)
Cons: Brian Keown (21) Matt Chiaramonte (4) Cody Bukowski (2)
Pens: Brian Keown (4)


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