Schuylkill vs. Rocky Gorge

Posted by David Codell on Apr 02 2018 at 01:19PM PDT in

A tough weekend for the home team as Schuylkill dropped two matches to Rocky Gorge at Pennypack. The score of the D1 match was 26-0 and the D1 match was 59-22. For the D2 match Coach Clark felt that the score line did not represent the level of effort and play that was put forth by the second side. The team played with a fire that Coach has not seen come from this group of players. There was no one that left the pitch with an ounce of energy as every single player played to the extent of their abilities. Everyone now knows what it takes to be able to compete with the top team in our division and be able to take our side to the next level.

Yuriy Trimba was awarded man of the match for his performance at outside center which featured a strong defense effort along with several linebreaks. Other strong performers included Dave “Tiny” Hilley, Aaron “Reno” Jolcover, Matt Angelucci, and Greg “Loopy” Mininger.

In the D1 match an early red card left the team down a man. In the words of Coach Jones "playing Rocky Gorge is always a tough match and having to play 60 minutes against them a man down does not make things any easier. None of us are happy with the final result but the team showed up with the right attitude today. That was reflected in our ability to score four tries and earn a bonus point in the loss. All four tries were scored after going a man down which is a testament to the resiliency of the team.

Three of the tries were scored by Ben Janssen who also provided a physical presence for us and was named man of the match while the fourth try was scored by Lucas Brickley and Brian Keown added a conversion. In addition to Janssen, Coach Jones mentioned Keown, Geoff Matthes, and Ricky Schneider as players who had strong performances for us on Saturday.

Tries: Janssen (3), Brickley (1)
Cons: Keown (1)

Season Scoring Tally:
Tries: Michael Bacon (4), Beau Lail (4), John Hines (3), James Brunson (2), Tito Callahan (2), Dave Gross (2), Dave Hilley (2), Ricky Schneider (2), John Sneh (2), Pat Bellot (1), Mike Centanni (1), Jordan Ghyze, (1), James Glatts (1), Josh Marchisio (1), Brian Taylor (1), Ryan Tower (1), Yuriy Trimba (1), Matt Tyris (1)
Cons: Ryan Tower (6), John Hines (3), Greg Mininger (4),Tito Callahan (2)
Pens: Ryan Tower (1)

Tries: Ben Janssen (9), Rick Schneider (5), Cody Bukowski (3), Rich Casey (3), Chino Deal (3), Ryan McHugh (3), Pat Boyle (2), Lucas Brickley (2), Matt Giannascoli (2), Brian Keown (2), Roman Lowery (2), Mike Centanni (1), Jeff Hall (1), Randy Helsman (1), Graham Johnston (1), Tyler Kelly (1), Geoff Matthes (1), Joe Midwig (1), Jim Rosato (1), Matt Tyris (1)
Cons: Brian Keown (19) Matt Chiaramonte (4) Cody Bukowski (2)
Pens: Brian Keown (4)


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