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Match Report for March 30-31 2019

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Over the weekend Troop traveled to Jersey Shore to play a warmup match for this weekend’s playoff contest against Media. Our hosts put together a strong first half and held a 15-5 lead against us at halftime. The boys battled back in the second half and thanks to strong individual efforts from Kyle Kent and Keeno Brown we were able to outscore our opponents in the second half but it wasn’t enough as the Sharks held up for a 22-15 win.

Dave Gross was named man of the match for his performance in the midfield and other strong performers included Kyle Kent at scrumhalf, Keeno Brown on the wing, Dan Berger at 8man and prop, Sean Beuche in the second row, and Ryan Tower at flyhalf. Coach Dave Hilley said after the match that we took a while to get going but had a good finish the to the match and just ran out of time. We need to take our very good conclusion to the match and turn that into a full 80 minute performance this upcoming weekend.

Tries: Kyle Kent (2), Keeno Brown

The Exiles found themselves in the opposite situation as Troop this weekend as they raced out to a 21-12 halftime lead over Baltimore. Baltimore fought back in the second half and ultimately won the match on the final play 24-21. The Exiles were able to secure an important bonus point in this one. The man of the match was Brad Volm who made more than 20 tackles in the match and scored a try while other strong performances were had by Brian Keown, Austin Lucas, and John McCurdy.

Coach Burch said that we started out strong with simple opportunistic rugby. Our defense was able to hold for several phases and our pressure gave us a 21-5 lead. In the end we were unable to close out each half and that seemed to be the difference. The Exiles now await the result from this weekend’s match between Rocky Gorge and Pittsburgh to determine whether we’ll make the D1 MAC playoffs.

Tries: Matt Henderson, Ricky Schneider, Brad Volm
Con: Keown (3)

In this week’s match for the combined Nomads/Otters side took on Father Judge. The match started off well for the boys as they dominated field position and possession of the ball in the first half. Second row Jeremiah gained ground off of a penalty and inside center Evan broke the line in the midfield leading to a very smart pick from scrum half Cameron and a good finish from 8 man Nasair to give them a 5-0 lead at halftime. The second half featured a terrific effort from both sides and unfortunately when the Nomads/Otters were down to 14 men due to injury Father Judge was able to score a late try and penalty to take an 8-5 win.

Scrum half Cameron was named Nomad of the match for his performance and Evan and Nas both also played well. The Young Men go back to work this week and host North Penn on Sunday.

Season Scoring Totals:
Tries: Jabari Johnson (4), John Hines Jr. (2), Dave Hilley (2), Matt Hughes (2), Kyle Kent (2), Michael Bacon (1), Justin Brown (1), Keeno Brown (1), James Brunson (1) Cody Bukowski (1), Ed Carter (1), Rich Casey (1), Jeff Hall (1) Dave Hockenberry (1), Ross McMonigle (1), Lake Paul (1), Tom Stenberg (1)
Cons: Ryan Tower (10)
Pens: Ryan Tower (6)

Tries: Matt Henderson (6), Sean Barnes (5), Randy Helsman (5), Brian Keown (5), Dan Deal (3), Lucas Brickley (2), Joe Midwig (2), Ricky Schneider (2), Brad Volm (2), Jimmy Wolfer (2), Pat Boyle (1), Matt Chiaramonte (1), Jeff Hall (1), Dante Jacquet (1) Jabari Johnson (1), Graham Johnston (1), Aaron Jolcover (1), Austin Lucas (1), Matt Stringer (1), Ryan Tower (1)
Cons: Keown (26)
Pens: Keown (9)

Tries: Nas Epps (3), Ifeyan Gavin (2), Elijah Hall (1), Wyatt Karson (1), Antonio Tilley (1)
Cons: Phil Gatti (3), Christian (2)
Pens: Christian (1),


The second annual HazBowl Old Boys Match took place over the weekend bringing together past generations of Troop and Schuylkill River Rugby players as well as representatives of numerous Clubs within the Philadelphia community including significant contingents from Temple University and Blackthorn. A big thanks as always goes out to everyone who helped spread the word so that we could get a good turnout and for helping to run the grill. Overall we had approximately 40 players participate in the match with many more watching from the sidelines.

Following the HazBowl the Exiles took on a tough Norfolk Blues side and ended up with a 29-29 draw. Coach Burch stated that it was a “good start with the wind at our backs but we took our foot off the gas and didn’t press the advantage enough. We took a 14-12 lead into halftime but we knew that Norfolk would come out flying in the second half. Too many forced passes and handling errors allowed the Blues opportunities to make plays in transition and with 15 minutes left in the match we were staring down a 29-19 deficit. The boys buckled down for two late tries to salvage a bonus point draw.”

Try scorers for the match included Randy Helsman, Lucas Brickley, Matt Stringer, and Matt Henderson who scored twice. Brian Keown hit 2 conversion kicks on an extremely windy day. For his efforts on the wing Matt Henderson was awarded man of the match honors and other strong performers included Randy Helsman, Jimmy Wolfer, Lucas Brickley and Matt Hughes.

We are happy to report that at the conclusion of the match we found out that Troop, our D3 side, qualified for the EPRU playoffs. On Saturday March 30 the Exiles travel to Baltimore for the final match of their regular season while Troop travels to Jersey Shore for a friendly as they prepare for the playoffs set to begin on April 6.

This week’s U-19 Match saw the combined North Philly Nomads and Narberth Otters side take on Simon Gratz. Unfortunately, the weather in the week leading up to the match prevented the Nomads and Otters from having a combined training session so it was difficult for the boys to remain cohesive when many of them are still so new to the game of rugby. Gratz jumped out to an early 14-0 lead thanks to some turnovers but the Nomads struck back thanks to some quick thinking about Captain Nas Epps who scored off of a quick tap. The teams traded tries from there with Gratz scoring followed by Ifeyan Gavin scoring off of a penalty play to make it 21-12 following a conversion from Phil Gatti. Gratz controlled things for early portion of the second half and scored two more tries before Christian Diaz was able to steal a lineout which led to a try for Antonio Tilley off of a nice decisive pass from scrum half Cameron.

The final score was 33-19 in favor of Gratz but the boys fought hard until the end. The Nomad of the Match was inside centrer Antonio Tilley. In addition to scoring his first try of the season, Antonio was instrumental in keeping the Team engaged positively during the course of the game. Congratulations Antonio on your exemplary effort Sunday! Christian Diaz also impressed the coaching staff with his play throughout the match.
The Nomads travel to Father Judge on Sunday.

Season Scoring Totals:
Tries: Jabari Johnson (4), John Hines Jr. (2), Dave Hilley (2), Matt Hughes (2), Michael Bacon (1), Justin Brown (1), James Brunson (1) Cody Bukowski (1), Ed Carter (1), Rich Casey (1), Jeff Hall (1) Dave Hockenberry (1), Ross McMonigle (1), Lake Paul (1), Tom Stenberg (1)
Cons: Ryan Tower (10)
Pens: Ryan Tower (6)

Tries: Sean Barnes (5), Randy Helsman (5), Matt Henderson (5), Brian Keown (4), Dan Deal (3), Lucas Brickley (2), Joe Midwig (2), Jimmy Wolfer (2), Pat Boyle (1), Matt Chiaramonte (1), Jeff Hall (1), Dante Jacquet (1) Jabari Johnson (1), Austin Lucas (1), Ricky Schneider (1), Matt Stringer (1), Brad Volm (1)
Cons: Keown (20)
Pens: Keown (8)

Tries: Nas Epps (2), Ifeyan Gavin (2), Antonio Tilley (1)
Cons: Phil Gatti (3),


The weekend of March 16 and 17 was the first weekend of league play for our Troop (D3) and Exile (D1) sides as well as the start of Rugby PA’s spring 15s season. Troop took on Brandywine, the Exiles played Rocky Gorge, and the combined Narberth Otters/North Philly Nomads side went up against Roman Catholic in a match pitting many of our U-19 7s players against each other.

In a crucial match for Troop to keep their playoff hopes alive the guys came out a bit sluggish in the first half and faced a 10-3 halftime deficit against a talented Brandywine side before turning in a solid performance in the second half to escape with a 23-22 victory. Tries were scored by Jabari Johnson, Matt Hughes, and Jeff Hall with Ryan Tower adding 8 points with the boot.

After the match Coach Pearce-Williams awarded Man of the Match honors to Matt Hughes who was also voted man of the match by his teammates separately. Hughes earned multiple penalties poaching the ball in the first half and the match turned in our favor on a sequence in the second half where scrum half Ryan Tower made the gutsy, but ultimately correct, decision to quick tap from well inside our half and swing the ball to Hughes who put us on the front foot and eventually scored a try off of a quick tape of his own. Other strong performers included Matt Stringer who directed us from the backline, Jabari Johnson whose speed and physicality was difficult to match all over the field, Jeff Hall who was a stalwart on defense and in the set piece, and Aaron Jolcover whose toughness proved crucial for us throughout the day as he regularly took on Brandywine’s toughest player on both offense and defense.

After the match Coach Pearce-Williams stated that we “started slow, but committed to winning the contact situations in the second half. Playing our system properly and with discipline allowed us to get points on the board and it was enough to earn a victory thanks to a lucky break at the end.”

Tries: Jeff Hall (1), Matt Hughes (1), Jabari Johnson (1)
Cons: Tower (1)
Pens: Tower (2)

The Exiles looked to keep the momentum going in the second match of the day by racing out to a 19-3 lead against Rocky Gorge and holding a 19-17 lead at halftime thanks to tries from Jimmy Wolfer, Brian Keown, and Sean Barnes. Unfortunately a few of the Exiles’ starters had to be removed from the match due to injury and Rocky Gorge’s depth was the difference as Gorge scored the final 35 points of the match to earn a 38-19 victory.

Sean Barnes earned man of the match honors from Coach Burch, as well as his teammates, for his blend of speed and physicality in the backline and Coach Burch was also impressed with the performances we got from the elusive Graham Johnston, the physical Tyler Kelley and the ageless Randy Helsman. The Exiles won’t be dwelling on the loss for long since an extremely talented Norfolk Blues side is travelling to play us this weekend and we’ll need to be solely focused on the next match.

Following this match Coach Burch told me that "we had a strong start working our system and controlling field position but the depth of our squad was tested in the second half due to some injuries and the strength of Gorge’s team from top to bottom was too much to overcome. We need to maintain a ‘next man up’ mentality and stay focused in our system for 80 minutes.

Tries: Sean Barnes (1), Brian Keown (1), Jimmy Wolfer (1)
Cons: Keown (2)

In Sunday’s high school match the Narberth Otters and North Philly Nomads came together for the first time as a combined side and took on a talented Roman Catholic team. It was a great opportunity for many brand new players to try out the sport of rugby and Roman Catholic ended up winning the match 27-12 in large part due to their experience playing together and by limiting their mistakes.

For the Nomads 8Man Ifeyan Gavin was named Nomad of the match and he did a great job running the ball with power and speed, as well as coming up strong and finishing his tackles. Tries for the Nomads were scored by Gavin, and team captain Nas Epps who played a solid match from the flanker position and showed strong leadership qualities throughout the day. Fly half Phil Gatti added a conversion kick.

Following the match Coach Brunson called it a “tough loss to a great group of young men that play for Roman. We’ve gotten to know them on a personal level over the past few weeks and it was nice to see them progress as a team. I’m proud of the effort our Nomads gave on the field this afternoon. We had 9 young men play their first rugby game today. As we gain experience as teammates and rugby players, the final results will start to be in our favor.”

On the Roman side the Dalessandro’s Steaks Forward of the Match was Davonne Hudson, the Chubby’s Steaks Back of the Match was James Kuneck, the Septa Hit of the Match went to Colin Meissler and the Henry James Man of the Match was Claudio Hassan. Coach Koniecki informed us that he was “very proud of the boys for fighting hard and playing composed. We are looking forward to a strong week of practice as we get ready to travel to Elizabethtown.”

Season Scoring Totals:
Tries: Jabari Johnson (4), John Hines Jr. (2), Dave Hilley (2), Matt Hughes (2), Michael Bacon (1), Justin Brown (1), James Brunson (1) Cody Bukowski (1), Ed Carter (1), Rich Casey (1), Jeff Hall (1) Dave Hockenberry (1), Ross McMonigle (1), Lake Paul (1), Tom Stenberg (1)
Cons: Ryan Tower (10)
Pens: Ryan Tower (6)

Tries: Sean Barnes (5), Randy Helsman (4), Brian Keown (4), Dan Deal (3), Matt Henderson (3), Joe Midwig (2), Pat Boyle (1), Lucas Brickley (1), Matt Chiaramonte (1), Jeff Hall (1), Dante Jacquet (1) Jabari Johnson (1), Austin Lucas (1), Ricky Schneider (1), Brad Volm (1) Jimmy Wolfer (2)
Cons: Keown (18)
Pens: Keown (8)

Tries: Nas Epps (1), Ifeyan Gavin (1)
Cons: Phil Gatti (1),

Roman Catholic:
Tries: Davonne Hudson (2), Claudio Hassan (1), James Kuneck (1), John Stermel (1),
Cons: Stermel (1),


Schuylkill River Rugby had our awards banquet at IATSE Ballroom on February 23. It was a fun evening for everyone involves and gave past and present Skill players and opportunity to swap stories, enjoy each other’s company, and hand out some awards. The MC for the evening was Advisory Committee member Carlo Sena who was assisted by the Executive Board of Dan Callahan, Dave Codell, Ryan McHugh, Ricky Schneider, and Hunter Valentine, in setting up the evening’s festivities.

The awards themselves were presented by Head Coach Mike Burch on behalf of the Coaching Staff which includes Burch, Biddy Boyle, Jack Bukowski, Jon Grasso, Josh Mastromatto, Ryan McHugh, Jamie Pearce-Williams, and Chris Ryan. Ever present in his role between the Board and Staff was Director of Rugby Pat Boyle making sure things went smoothly.

Presented below are the notes from the awards presenters as well as the Hall of Fame induction speeches given on behalf of Tommy Richards and Gerry Timothy. With their inductions they join Chris Bailey, Bill Jalbert, Michael Matotek, Jason Siddel, Brian Boyle, Chet Radecki, John McMullen, Steve Green, George Connell, Jim Hegarty, Jamie Catrambone, Terry Wendelken, John Hughes, Gary Kribbs, Len Borcky, Joe Howard, Michael Leland, Dave Wixted, and Alex Yankowsky in our Hall of Fame.

15s Award Winners
D1 Backs: Brian Keon
Brian is leading the D1 team in points scored. His leadership and composure at fly-half alleviates any pressure for the other 14 players on the pitch with him.

D1 Forwards: Brad Volm
Brad is the anchor of our pack. His tackling and pressure on defense was unmatched.

D3 Backs: Jabari Johnson
Jabari constantly pushed everyone in front of him. Jabari was not only a gifted attacker but he also made a difference with his punishing tackles. The coaches are excited to see what he has for the future.

D3 Forwards Jeff Hall
Jeff not only led our D3 in poaches but he also proved to be a leader on the pitch. His disruption at the breakdown enabled our side to be on the front foot.

Coaches: Geoff Mathis
Geoff played in various spots for us this past fall. His play on Saturday directly relates to his work during the week. With punishing runs Geoff put pressure on all opponents he faced this fall.

Players Player: Ian Glatts
Ian was chosen from his peers and the coaches could not agree more. One of the fittest players on the pitch Ian always seemed to make an impact when the team needed it.

Break Out Player: Sean Barnes
Sean came to us through South Carolina University. Sean ended up one of our main weapons in attack and even with a slight injury he led the D1 team in tries.

Sevens Award Winners:
Premier Player of the Year: Brain Keown
As captain of the team Brian led our premier side in points scored, tries, and minutes played.

U23 Player of the Year: John Hines
While captaining the side John became a vital player for our U23 team. Being an U23 vet he allowed Coach Boyle to shift players knowing John could play anywhere on the pitch.

U19 Player of the Year: Nick Merriam
The former Narberth Otter was the hardest working player on the U-19 team. Nick does everything the coaching staff asks for and we expect him to have a lot of success at Syracuse

Break Out Player: Louis Baeza
His work off the pitch directly related to his success on the pitch. With punishing runs and constant work at the breakdown he pushes opponents to their brink.

Coaches Award: Mitch Vanoy
This is Mitch’s second time winning this award. He pushes himself as well as others around him to reach their full potential.

Hall of Fame Inductions:
Bill Jalbert’s Speech on Behalf of Gerry Timothy
Spring 1998, Schuylkill River, entering its third year of existence, is joined by a new player. He played at Villanova, where in his words; he “turned a 4 year engineering program into a 5 year collegiate rugby career, with a minor in engineering.” Knowing a sucker when they saw one, Schuylkill leadership quickly sold him on the position of match secretary, thus launching his administrative rugby career. This was followed by a term as the club’s second president, succeeding founder Chris Bailey. Over the next 15 years, he would serve 2 more times as president, vice president, sit on the MARFU competition committee, serve as a referee, and play rugby.

He cites his notable administrative accomplishment as growing our collegiate tournament from a 1 day, 6 team event into a 20 team rugby weekend.
In 2013, he “retired” after 20 years of rugby. Two years later, our numbers swelled, and River put the call out to help fill out our D4 side. He answered that call, and helped lead our D4 side through a tough season. He claims that not sustaining a serious injury during the “comeback season” is probably his biggest accomplishment as a player, other than probably playing more “B” side matches than any other Exile.

We honor tonight’s recipient as a builder as he has never said “no” to this club. His continued commitment and willingness to put in the work have been a huge part of the club’s growth and success. And before I forget, I need to mention his wonderful wife, who has supported & tolerated his rugby addiction.
Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome our 2019 Schuylkill River Hall of Fame Inductee, Gerry Timothy.

Rob Greco’s Speech on Behalf of Tommy Richards:
Hello, I just want to start off tonight by letting everyone know that even though I’ve been congratulated 3 different times tonight on my HOF induction, I’m Rob Greco… not Tommy Richards. Now, maybe that should tell all of you something. Dave, I’ll take that award now. But seriously, I’m here tonight to induct, I’m only going to say this once cause it’s his night, Dr. Thomas Wynn Richards Junior, into the Troop HOF.

Yes, Tommy is a doctor, but don’t get excited. He won’t be saving anyone’s life tonight. He’s a doctor of history, so if your kids have a social studies test or you’re in college and have a paper due, he’s your guy. But, see Jill first, because she’s collecting all of the payments.

Before I talk about Tommy, I want to thank Codell for keeping the Troop legacy alive and well. I think I speak for everyone associated with Troop how much we appreciate it.

On to Tommy… he came to Troop as an 18 year old before playing for Penn with the 7s program. His 1st full season was the same as mine, the summer of 05. We were a strong team that year and all positions were hard fought and earned. Tommy was no exception.

I knew I liked Tommy when after practice I heard him telling someone that he should be worried about finding a job right now, but was more worried if he was going to start on Saturday. I really appreciate that, Rugby is a game that you live and breathe and that’s who Tommy always was no matter if we were competing for nationals or scraping 15 for a game. He approached it all the same way.

On the field, Tommy was a jack of trades in the forwards he could play any position, except for the ones that matter in the front row, and excelled everywhere. The only thing he never learned how to do was tackle. They were all high and he should still be in the sin bin for them.

I could go on about the inside jokes and road trip stories, but what matters more is the way he approached Troop off the field. I emailed people from the team to say some things about Tommy and resoundingly I heard that he treated everyone like family. No matter weddings or funerals, he was always there. That’s a real teammate!

On a personal level, Rugby was given me a lot in life. However, the best thing it’s given me is Tommy and Jill. We’re a part of each other’s family and without troop that never happens. So, it’s my honor to induct Tommy Richards into Schuylkill’s hall of fame.


The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series resumes this weekend with the USA Sevens Rugby tournament in Las Vegas. Alongside the Series event there is the Las Vegas Invitational which is believed to be the largest rugby tournament in North America with 15 divisions and 200 teams. Schuylkill River will have 9 players participating in select sides at this tournament in addition to several players participating with their college sides.

Seven of our U-23 players will be with the Rogue Samurai and two of our Premier side players will be with Atlantis. The Rogue Samurai describe themselves as a group dedicated to the Veteran community by integrating both civilians and veterans on one team to compete at various tournaments throughout the US while Atlantis is an invitational 7s rugby side whose mission is to encourage and develop American rugby by playing in domestic and international tournaments.

In order to provide some info on the guys traveling to Vegas we reached out to them with the following questions and made the profiles that appear below. 1. What college program did/do you play for? 2. How many seasons have you played 7s for Schuylkill? 3. How has playing for Schuylkill helped you develop as a 7s player? 4. What are your hopes for this tournament and what are you most looking forward to about Vegas overall? 5. What are your goals for the upcoming 7s season?


John McCurdy played for Malvern Prep and then attended the University of Delaware. This is his 4th season with Skill Rugby and he says that the culture is top notch, no one shows up to practice to go through the motions, and everyone wants to get better. Atlantis is sending a very competitive side to Vegas and John is looking forward to an opportunity to make a run for the cup and play against teams we don’t get to see at Schuylkill, including several international teams. This upcoming summer is going to a long season and John’s priority is to help the squad play consistent team defense. Everything else will come from that.

Brian Keown played for St. Joe’s Prep and then attended the University of South Carolina and is also in his 4th season with Skill Rugby. Since joining Schuylkill Brian says that he has learned a lot about the simplicity of 7s. We work to perfect the basics with a simple system that has been very successful. We also recognize each other’s individual skills and encourage everyone to seize the opportunity to make a special play. Brian credits this freedom and support with helping everyone take their game to the next level. Brian is looking forward to the high level of competition in Vegas and says that Atlantis always expects to win. Coach Mirro led them to the semi-finals last year and has put together another great group of players this year. The guys are ready to use their individual assets to come together and take it a step further this year. Brian is also really excited for this upcoming 7s season. Many of the Premier side guys have been together for the last four years which has given them great chemistry and understanding which should take us far.

Rogue Samurai:

Kyle Kent currently attends Drexel University and is entering his 3rd season with Skill rugby. Kyle says that playing with Schuylkill has introduced him to high competition at training and challenged him to get better in order to compete with the other players in the Club. In Vegas he is looking forward to the opportunity to play the game on a bigger stage and compete against some of the best competition in the country. This summer Kyle intends to take the next step in his development and play under control with a better understanding for the situational flow of the game.

Jabari Johnson played collegiately for Bloomsburg University and is entering his second 7s season with Skill Rugby. Playing with Schuylkill has allowed Jabari to critique his own game, recognize his weaknesses, and work to improve on becoming a better overall rugby player. In Vegas Jabari’s goal is to win and he is confident that the Rogue Samurai squad has the ability to win it all. Off the field, Jabari is excited to watch the international 7s matches taking place in Las Vegas as this will be his first opportunity to watch that level of play. Over the summer Jabari plans to improve his game and earn some quality Premier side minutes.

John Hines [editor’s note: My Grandson!] played briefly for St. Bonaventure before joining Skill Rugby in 2014. Schuylkill is the only 7s team that John has played for and he has been able to improve his game rapidly thanks to the coaching, film study, and training alongside more experienced players. In Vegas John wants to win the Cup and isn’t shy about stating that he wants to win the MVP award [editor’s note: Go get ‘em Grandson!]. He is also looking forward to playing with, and against, high level players, watching even higher level players on the international stage, and improving his game. Lastly, John is also looking forward to the after-parties and clubbing once the tournament is over. John’s goal for 7s season is to play at a Premier level and hopefully make Nationals.

Xavier Steward currently plays for the St. Joe’s Hawks and has played 4 seasons of 7s with Skill Rugby. The biggest benefit to playing for Schuylkill for Xavier has been working with more experienced players to keep up his competitive edge. His hopes for Vegas are to win the tournament and gain connections in the rugby community and over the summer he wants to earn a place on Schuylkill’s Premier side and an opportunity to play in Colorado.

Louis Baeza currently plays for Drexel University and this will be his second season with Skill Rugby. Playing for Schuylkill has helped him understand the game better and learn to play at a different tempo which has helped him improve his skills across the board. His goal in Vegas is to play the best he can for the team and help win the tournament and his goal for the upcoming summer is to become a better overall player and compete to win at every tournament.

Joe Broderick plays for Wheeling Jesuit University and is entering his second season with Skill rugby. He has also been part of Rogue Samurai for 3 years now. Schuylkill has helped Joe get better by giving him the chance to play at the next level of club 7s against D1 competition. Joe has grown his skills and learned different attacking strategies specific to 7s. In Vegas Joe is hoping to go out have some fun, score some tries, hit some rucks, and ultimately win the cup. For this upcoming 7s season Joe is hoping to build on last year’s success with the boys and increase our level of play and win more tournaments.

Dante Jacquet is also participating in the Las Vegas Invitational for the Rogue Samurai. We weren’t able get a bio from him before writing this article but Dante is a tremendous athlete who came to us from Delmarva. He is fully competent as a first receiver but really shines when he is given the opportunity to carry the ball in space and use his change of direction ability. We know that Dante has a great future in this sport and look forward to watching his continued development!