Northridge & McGuiness Dodgers come out on top 11-5

Posted by eric kondo on Apr 08 2006 at 05:00PM PDT
The Northridge & McGuiness Dodgers stopped a 5th inning rally by the Athletics to bring their record to 2-1. In the first inning Bo Banks battled off 6 pitches before getting his pitch which he sent over the left field fence and off the batting cages of the Major Field. In the 3rd, Johhny Kempel sent a shot into right center which brought in 2 runs and scored on a double by Chris Fenk. In the 4th, Kyle Leong sent a shot to left scoring Graeme Onuffer making the score 5-0 Dodgers. In the 5th, the Dodgers Byron Buckley sent a shot to right center bringing in Johnny Kempel and 10 year old Graeme Onuffer sent a ball up the middle scoring Buckley and Trevor Toy and the Dodgers were now up 8-0. In the bottom of the 5th with bases loaded, the Athletics David Elzig sent a fly ball to center field which bounced off the yellow safety edge and then over the fence for a grand slam and brought the score to 8-4. The A's scored 1 more time and the score was now 8-5 going into the 6th. The Dodgers knew that they needed to post more runs as it was evident that the A's were not going to just give up and go home in the bottom of the 6th inning. So Leong and Kempel both singled to get on base, and the Dodgers other 10 year old Kenny Swain sent an oppo shot into right scoring Leong. Toy then hit a sacrifice hit to score Kempel, and David Shahbazpour took an outside pitch and sent an oppo shot to right scoring Swain, and the Dodgers made the score 11-4. On the mound, Byron Buckley went 5 innings before maxing out on pitches and kept the A's off the board for 4 innings striking out 5 along the way. Bo Banks came in for relief in the 5th, to end the inning and in the 6th, kept the A's off the board and recorded his first save of the year and Buckley the win. Banks-HR; Leong-3/3 2B, 1RBI, 2 runs; Kempel-3/4 2B, 2RBI,3 runs; Fenk-1/3 2B,1RBI; Swain-2/2 1RBI, 1 run; Onuffer-1/1 2RBI, 1Run.


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