Team Pages Account Information

Posted by PGPosseLAX Admin on Apr 14 2018 at 04:05PM PDT

Welcome Parents/Guardians of PGMLA players,

We see that some of you have found your way around the website and have created your very important Team Pages accounts…that’s great.

One important request, to help with keeping things organized:

Please sign up your Accounts (or edit them if you have already done so) under your PLAYER’s name.
If you use YOUR name, you will find yourself on the team roster with the other players…causing confusion.

The website has a tricky rule to it to not allow the same email for more than 1 player.
In the case of 2 or more players from the same family, we have used alternate emails provided at registration.

Thank you for your attention to this trivial matter, and sorry for the confusion.



2018-04-14T16:39:40.000-07:00April 14 2018, at 04:39 PM PDT, PGPosseLAX Admin said:

Update: I have found a way to help revert the roster back to player name, and will do so where I can see the error. Thank you again for your patience.