PG to Host 2018 Great White North Playdowns

Posted by PGPosseLAX Admin on Mar 10 2018 at 03:57PM PST

Welcome to the Great White North!

The Prince George Minor Lacrosse Association has a regional governing body called the GREAT WHITE NORTH.
Our association’s House (recreation) teams compete with the other House teams in the region for placement and playdowns. Champions are determined and awarded a banner.

During the course of the season, selected teams from each division will be scheduled to play against the other regional teams. These games are scheduled both, at home, and on the road. GWN games are likely to begin in May.

The team’s representing the Great White North are:
Fort St. John
Prince George
Williams Lake

Each season, one city in the region is chosen to host the playdowns. This year it’s us!

Free up your end-of-season schedules for the June 23-24 playdowns.