2017 Season Under Construction

Posted by PGPosseLAX Admin on Apr 24 2017 at 04:16PM PDT

Parents of the PGMLA,

Thank you for your patience as we work tirelessly at kicking off our season.
The challenges of scheduling our league through the hosting of the Telus Cup have proven to be greater than anticipated. Floor time is at a premium as all Spring sports battle for locations. We have had our requests in dating back to last Fall in anticipation of the challenges.


The May/June schedule is still being tweaked at this moment, and will be released the moment that it is available.

Please disregard the website invites to your child’s team. The system is not conducive to 2 people using the same email (player/parent). A work-around is being developed and will be communicated soon.

Please continue to check the website DOCUMENTS tab for your child’s next floor times until we communicated otherwise.

Thank you again.