Thanks Coach

Posted by PGPosseLAX Admin on Jun 26 2016 at 09:23PM PDT

What a season!
The Prince George Minor Lacrosse Association would like to take the time to thank a special group of men who made the 2016 PGMLA Season AMAZING…the coaches.
We had a, very welcome, increase in registration this season. With that, came more than just the need for more coaches, but for increased patience and passion for our game.
You guys were handed your rosters, and you rolled with it. Balls were dropped, passes were missed and sometimes the ‘breakaway’ ended up in the wrong direction. Through all of this, you brought the kids together, gave them a sense of pride in their jersey color and somehow these kids learned to play lacrosse!
For the helmet screw tightening, banged up knee icing and amazing skills training…we thank each and every one of you.

Mini Tyke
Scott Anderson

Clayton Eyles
Chris Scott

Steve Claydon
Jeff Moleski
Darcy Nicholson
Ken Barwise

Ken Barwise again!
Dom Sia
Jared Stevens
Paul Raines

Doug Schonewille
Don Wittmeier
Rod Nemitz
Douglas Porter

Kyle Frederick
Ken Eyles

Junior Female
Kevin Prouse

Posse Rep
Jeff Moleski: Novice
Jeff Parish: Peewee
Blake McIntosh: Bantam
Tom Esopenko: Midget

Take a bow.


2016-06-27T08:23:38.000-07:00June 27 2016, at 08:23 AM PDT, Scott Feltis said:

Excellent job all of you!