High School tryouts will be November 18th- at Beaver Local HS-2 pm to 4 pm

Posted by rich wyman on May 04 2019 at 05:00PM PDT

Welcome to 2018 ! Hollywood Stars !

 We just had our largest tryouts ever for Junior High players !!

Thank you ! 

 The first thing you will need to do is register through the OVR for a tryout membership. $10 is the cost of the tryout membership.

To do so , direct yourself to (Joining) by clicking on juniors -girls and follow the directions please.

Please print out your tryout membership card and bring it to tryouts. If you make a Hollywood team you will need to uprade to a full membership.


Please come properly dressed with a water bottle about 20 minutes early so you can fill out and turn in paperwwork for Club Hollywood that will be provided on tryout table when you walk in.

Parent or guardian must do paperwork please.

If you have any questions please call me at 330-383-9192. 

 I  will get back  to you ASAP.


Thanks ,

Bob Theiss 


Club Hollywood - assistant director in charge of tryouts and player/ coach/ parental liason

Best of luck 


How to Train Your Athletes to Perform While Under Pressure - Are your athletes prepared to perform while under pressure? Some experts advise players to "be in t...he moment", but that is too generalized.Two things are proven to prepare athletes to perform under pressure. One is practice using controlled repetition while under pressure - that develops the ability to react instinctively without thinking. How do you create pressure? If possible, have athletes compete, whether it is shooting free throws, or catching a ball, or dribbling a soccer ball, or swimming - competition creates pressure. Another is to teach them what to think about when in the big moment - think of a successful result, not of failure - try to be in a zen-like place - in the moment, only thinking about the ball going thru the hoop, or hitting the ball, or winning the race - only think of a successful result, not about technique, or failure, or the consequences of failure. Your body tends to do as you think, but at critical moments, you can't think about "how" to do something, you can only think about a successful result, NOT about technique. At the critical moment you want to be a like a machine and do the right thing the correct way without thinking about how to do it - that is what practice has prepared you for. Many times during a game, match or competition you must rely on instinctive reactions. 


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   If you have any questions you may call or email (preferred)  Richard Wyman                             at or 330-921-9154                   

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Coaches please email pictures to so that i can post them on our website.


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