Extra Photos Ordering

Posted by Cris Bera on Mar 19 2017 at 05:00PM PDT
This year we are pleased to welcome back TSS Photography to record our Opening Day events and take our team pictures. While the League has already arranged for each player to receive a team picture, if you would like to order additional photos of your child, please use these instructions:
NOTE all ordering is done online and we are not distributing paper forms.
1.  Immediately after opening day festivities conclude, TSS will begin Team & Individual Pictures behind outfield near the water feature.  There will be 2 camera stations operating in 15-minute intervals for each team based on preset scheduled times.
         Please take advantage of TSS online, pre-orders which can be found by clicking Order NTLL Pictures Here
2.  Parents can ask questions at the TSS sales table, but please direct only Players and Coaches to the camera stations.
3.  Please visit Picture Day Splash page for picture day details and contact information.
4.  If you use a mobile device to access, enter Event # 26994821 
5.  Pre-Order receipt confirmations arrive by email. Only print/bring receipt IF statuette, impact series, or buddy items are purchased. Save a tree an only print if necessary.
6.  If order for multiple children in the program, you must complete a separate order for each child.  Each child needs their own Order ID.
7.  Any buddy pictures e.g.(siblings, friends, and/or parent/player) must be completed separately. Order needs own Order ID.


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