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Posted by David Fay on Jan 31 2011 at 04:00PM PST

Many areas at are restricted to logged-in users only.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to make sure that you have joined eTeamz as a member in order to access schedules, picture albums, team pages and receive important communications such as weather related delays/cancellations, game and practice changes as well as timely communications from not only the league but your individual team.

Each player/volunteer is identified by a unique email address. So if you have more than one child/parent involved in the league, please create a separate login for each so that when your coach or team administrator wants to contact you, they can contact you specifically regarding your team. Either way, at least one account needs to be in the player's name. You won't have to login with 15 different accounts... one will get you in to see what you need to see but once created, the correct information will be disseminated.

If you are already a member of eTeamz, please triple check to make sure that ALL of your contact information is updated. One of the main reasons we moved to this format was a problem with data changes. You now control how you wish to be contacted and changing ISP providers/companies/email addresses/phone numbers/addresses will no longer be a headache. You will get your information where you want it and won't have to hunt someone else down to get changes made. and eTeamz are partners and not the same company. Unfortunately just signing up online won't update your information on eTeamz. (We know.... we know) After everyone is in the system correctly, life will be much easier.

This short time investment will pay off greatly as we proceed to enhance the league communication and site. With over 800 players and volunteers, we appreciate your time on this and hope to improve your experience with the league and help you stay informed of the latest happenings.

This will be the MAIN COMMUNICATION mechanism for the league. Don't be left out of the loop!

You may sign up here.

If you have already signed up and have forgotten your login information go here.

Thanks for helping us help you!


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