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O30 update and Championship
Sunday June 10, 2018
Germania 2 vs Mahopac 1
Czechoslovakia 2 vs E Fishkill 2 regulation
After PKs Czechs were the winner 3-2

Sunday, June 17th at the Germania soccer complex
Great day to be watching a soccer game live yesterday. I’m not talking about Germany vs Mexico…..
Especially if it was the championship final between the two top teams in our Over 30 division!Emoji
Germania and Czechoslovakia came out to play! And what a show they put on for the lucky
ones there on the side line. The battle started immediately after Rob Miller blew the starting whistle, near misses and shots stopped by the post on both sides. The Czechs got on the board with a ball in the net and Germania soon followed with a goal of their own to tie the game!
By half time, after scoring two more goals they went to break with a 2 – 2 tie score!
Another entertaining half was in store for us. Things got a bit heated at times between players.
On five occasions Mr. Miller had to show the the yellow card – nothing too serious, but the boys got the message and went back to play clean football! Matt Viggiano and Peter Fatol – the two coaches should get a lot of credit for keeping the boys in line.
Two more goals by the Czechs and two by Germania, one just minutes before end of regulation time, forced the game into extra time. The score was 4-4 at regulation time! Two 15 minutes half’s…. here we go!
First half of extra time saw both teams making numerous attempts to put the ball in the net. There was no score!
It was a different story during the second half of extra time. By the 7TH minute, Peter Trlica scored the goal that was going to win the game for the Czechs.
He managed, to stop a long ball on the right wing ( Which he had tried to do on many occasions during the game ), just outside the box and dribble past a defender to drive a hard left foot shot passed the keeper.
The next 8 minutes saw the boys from Germania marching toward goal to tie the game up one more time. But it was not to be!
A clear shot just outside the box that went high above the cross bar and two more that the keeper was able to stop was all that was left before Rob Miller blew the triple whistle!
After the game, everybody got together to enjoy some good food and a cold drink provided with the courtesy of our league!
A remark from the Germania side was all I needed to hear to make my work there complete.
The game yesterday, was much more interesting than the State cup game they played and won two weeks ago!
One more time, Congrats to Germania for Winning the NY State cup O-30 and
congrats to Czechoslovakia for winning the EDSL O-30 championship game 2017-2018
A Thank you to the rest of our clubs, Washingtonville, East Fishkill, Putnam FC. Lagrange and Mohopac. You were all a part of a successful and fun season.
Special thanks to Peter Pinori, Gallo, Cesar Aliaga, and Rob Miller for refereeing the game.
Proud to do the running of the league.
Now time to rest for the off season. Enjoy a safe and fun-filled Summer.

Story and pictures courtesy of John Palumbo


The Over 30 men’s team erased a 1-0 deficit to complete the double with a 2-1 win over Shamrock FC. Keith Detail and Kyle Flynn found the back of the net for Germania while Matt Viggiano and Pat Brown held the defense together limiting Shamrocks to very few attempts on goal.


Germania Blue & White Soccer Club of the EDSL continues to raise the bar as its Over 40 and over 30 men’s soccer teams captured the state crown on Sunday. This is back-to-back years for both teams which has never been done before. The over 40 team came from behind to beat NY Hota Bavians 6-3 powered by Evan Whitson (1goal, 2 assist), Chris Mygan (2 goals) and Brian Kennedy (1 goal, 2 assists).

In Division A NY El Salvador continues winning and continues being in first place by defeating Juventus 2-0. Juventus drops to position 5 overall.
Tallawah and Olimpia played to a 1-1 tie in a tough defensive game while Monarcas and the Vikings also put there defenses on center stage and played to a 1-1 tie. Honduras drew the bye this week but still remains in second place with 10 points.
In Division B action Puma defeated UNAM 4-1 and Morelia defeated Chivas 3-1. Puma and Morelia are both tied for first with 12 points each but Morelia has the edge in the first tie breaker by allowing only 5 goals this year while Puma has allowed 6. CD Leon tied Irlanda 3-3 and now sits in the 3rd spot with 11 points . NYC FC defeated Chelsea 4-1 and sits in 4th place. Atlanta United defeated Liverpool 3-0 and Boca Junior held on to beat Toluca 1-1.
The big games next week is NY El Salvador takes on Honduras at 6:15PM in Division A action and CD Leon plays Puma at 9:00am. All games being played at Pelton Field. Come out and check outsome great soccer.

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Liga de Yonkers completed Week # 3 this past Sunday.

In Division A NY El Salvador dropped to third place but that is because they drew a bye this week but it was good to see what teams will be contenders. Honduras easily defeated the Vikings 7-2 and will definitely be looking for top billing. Tallaway after a week 1 loss to NY El Salvador has now won the past 2 weeks defeating Juventus 3-1 and taking the # 2 spot. Defense is the seconded tie breaker after points from win and Tallawah is proving to be a tough team to score on. Rounding out Division A Olimpia got there first win defeating Monarcas 4-0.
In Division B CD Leon defeated Liverpool 4-0 and takes the top spot. UNAM defeated Boca Junior 3-1 and is in second place by the seconded tie breaker, defensive goals. Morelia, NYCFC and Puma are all tied for the third position. Morelia defeated Irlanda 6-0, NYC FC defeated Atlanta United 3-0 and Puma won 3-0. Finishing out the results Chelsea and Toluca played to a 0-0 tie.
Next weeks games look to be significant in the standings when Tallawah takes on Honduras and Juventus meets Olimpia.
Courtesy of Augie Cambria