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Way to go FAST swimmers! Another victory against Pearland!
Our last two meets will be just as challenging to win. We need all hands on deck for Deer Park (6/22) and PineBrookwood (6/29.)

Congrats to our newest CHAMP swimmers!

Emma Chastain
Lily Duncan
Macey Palitz

Way to go girls!

If you achieved a CHAMP time in any stroke in the first 2 meets, a special FAST CHAMP cap is in your ribbon folder.
FAST awards CHAMP swimmers one cap per season.
Remember, to be eligible to swim in the Champ Series (with a Reserve or Champ time), you must swim in at least 2 regular season meets (not including the Lollipop meet or the Last Chance Meet), and have the proper qualifying time.

If you have multiple swimmers, we have a feeling you know who that cap belongs to, but if you don’t, here are our CHAMP swimmers from the first 2 meets:

Kyle Odom
Levi Puckett

Carmen Laurito
Madison Vega
Erin Voelker
Taylor Welch
Shiv Malkani

Brooke Hubenak
Edi Jakob
Kaylee Odom
Landon Drouet
Tony Laurito
Brandon Schirck
Talon Welch

Nickie Hansen
Riley Holcomb
Manon Murphy
Hanna Stuart
Luke LeBlanc
Marshall Odom
Joshua Sakahara

Allie Hansen
Anna McHenry
Allison Proulx
Olivia Theall
Gabe Kovach
Thomas McHenry
Daniel Morgan
Joe Sloan
Fletcher Wells


FAST 384 – SBAST 349
It’s FAST for the win!

Our swimmers swam a combined 51 reserve times and 29 champ times this week.
We had 1 new record set today!
Kyle Odom swam a wicked fast 16.93 in the 7-8 year old 25 fly to break Max Hardt’s record from 2010 (before this kid was even born!) Way to go, Kyle!

Thanks to all of our volunteers – we can’t run a meet without you!
Thank you to those who switched to a shift 2 timer at just about the last minute! We have the best volunteer squad in the business!

Results are posted here.

The document June_8_2019_SBAST_vs_FAST_full_results.PDF was attached to this post.

Our first meet against League City was a success!

We had almost 400 swimmers swim in 80 events. Too many heats to count!
We beat the League City Barracudas 429-354!
Our swimmers combined to make 66 champ times and 67 reserve times!

WE ARE WAITING ON OFFICIAL CCSL RECORDS, but I can announce that Tony Laurito broke the FAST record for Event 6, 11-12 100 IM with a time of 1:00.83, previously held by Carter Wallace since 2009!
We are pretty sure this also breaks the CCSL record from 2016, but we are waiting and crossing our fingers!
SO SORRY to miss posting this record last week, Tony!

Thanks to all of the parents who volunteered their time. We can’t run a swim meet without volunteers! Thank you!

Individual swimmer results will be posted on your parent portal very soon.
Full meet results are attached and were sent out via email on Saturday afternoon.

There were a few mistakes on the full results sent out and posted. The corrected file is attached. The correct times should be in your parent portal!

The document June_1_2019_LCST_vs_FAST_full_results_revised.PDF was attached to this post.

Registration is closed for the 2019 season.
Email our registrar Laura Holcomb with questions at